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  1. hello everyone,

    So I'm starting a new setup and I was hoping to get some expert opinions on my idea.

    My goal is to produce 1/4 to 1/2 oz tops a month.

    To accomplish this, I have designed a set-up that I think will produce this:

    1- 45w led grow light panel. (Red/blue mix)
    4- 23w CFL
    Soil grown using fox farm soil with additional fox farm bloom nutes when needed.
    Auto flower drawf strain. Harvest ready in 8 weeks
    Mylar tent, 18"x24"x36"

    I wondering if this set-up would produce at least a quarter a month? I will be running 2-3 plants at a time . Basically will be planting a new one every 4 weeks. Since this strain is autoflowering, I can run every plant on the same light schedule.

    So the big question is, will this set-up eventually produce at least a quarter a month? If not, what would it take to get to that point?

    I'm no expert, but I have completed a successful grow before. Tried hydroponics and didn't have a lot of success so that's why I'm going back to soil. I don't care to produce much more than I need, just looking to be self reliant.

    I'm considering investing in either a 150w or 250w massive CFL, but I'm concerned about the heat. Any input on this is welcomed

    Thank you very much in advance!! Just got the first one planted, will be cloning it when it gets of age and will then start the second one.
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  2. Anyone??
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  3. I would skip the cfls and go with led bulbs instead. Cheap store bought led bulbs have come a long way in the past few years and I feel they outproduce cfls by at least 3x. There's alot of great cfl grows and guides out there but they've become outdated recently simply because the led bulb tech has caught up and surpassed cfls so quickly.

    An auto in a small container (16oz) can yield about 1/4 oz in 2-2.5 months. A larger container and healthier plant will yield more. I flower out clones at about 3" and I get about 6 grams on average after 2 months.

    I would recommend planting more autos then necessary to weed out the males and runts. You might consider a secondary box to grow out a male for some pollen and make your own batch of seeds. One single auto that's about 10" tall can produce 1000's of seeds.

    *I don't like the FF nutes too much..I had much better results with botanicare PBP and calmag mix when I was doing soil. There's a million ways to do soil though ;)
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  4. Thank you for the info. Just to clarify, I'm using feminized auto seeds.

    Is it possible to clone an auto? 8 have one going now and it's only about 1 week old. If cloning an auto is possible, is there any difference than a regular clone?

    Thank you again!
  5. With autos you want to start from seed each time. If you want to clone just go with a photo strain and keep a mother plant.
  6. Autos run on a time line. If you clipped a clone it is the same time line as the mother and would prob begin to flower before the roots grow.
  7. The problem I see with your lighting choices will be the lack of penetration and narrowing light footprint as the canopy grows taller, side filling with CFL's will work but the amount of useable red light in a 2700k is relatively weak and must be kept within inches of the plant. A rule of thumb I use is 35 W sq ft for LED (actual watts), 50W sq ft for T-5, and HID , and 60W sq ft for CFL. I think a Mars 48 would be a good match for what you want to achieve. I believe it's actual consumption is around 100 watts, which would puts you right in the sweet spot. it most certainly would provide superior light in a 3 sq foot area once those autos start getting fat, and it will be cooler than side filling with CFLs
  8. Thanks for the advice. I actually just upgraded the lights. I went with 3 55w CFL 2900k. Bulbs are rated at 3800 lumens ea so they put me over the 10,000lumen threshold. I don't have room for led panel right now. Heat isn't much of a problem. The new lights raised the temp to a steady 84 degrees.

    So far I haven't obsevered any stretching and the seedling is growing pretty fast.
  9. As Bongsauce said I would skip the cfl bulbs and go with screw in leds. They can be purchased cheaply nowadays. Pry the globe off, screw them in and you're good to go. Happy growing!
  10. Autoflowerings don't clone.they start from seeds ,3 autos max in that space .

    if I were you I'd germinate it and plant directly in a 3 gal pot every 30 days.

    so after 90 days you'll have 3 in there 1 ready to chop 1 medium growth and 1 new growth.

    Once you chop the plant put new auto plant in there .

    Try and put as much light as you can in there and the yields will follow , 200watt sunblaster cfl can be kept 4" away with 0 heat issues. And fits in space with wing

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