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  1. Hi I'm going for my 3rd grow and was wondering if anyone with some more experience here could help me answer a few questions about my settup.

    Here's what I had in mind

    Growroom: 4x4
    Light: 720w LED LUMii BLACK 720W LED 6-BAR FIXTURE | (1870µmol/s, 2.6 µmol/W)
    Plants: 1-2

    My question(s)
    I was thinking of doing 1 plant because I would like to do a monster but would it be better to do 2 in a 4x4? And could I expect the same yield if I'm planning on vegging for 8-10 weeks and flowering for 8 weeks?
    What size pot would be good? If I do 1 plant I'm thinking of going for a 10 gallon pot. And 7 gallon for 2 plants.
    Also are the lights any good (enough) for 1 or 2 plants? The PPF is higher than an 1000w HPS which is what I'm aiming for!
    Appreciate any help
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    1 or 2 plants probably won't fill a 4x4 out in 8 to ten weeks. 1 plant in 25 or 30 gallon. Personally run 5 in 7 gallons with a month veg in a 4x4. Not not that you can't do what you're suggesting you can just waste of space. You may be cool with that. Me I like getting as much out of what I'm paying for as possible. Personal preference

    Light will be fine for whatever number of plants you settle on.

    Expect the same yield per space covered one large one covering the same space as 2 or 5 should average close to same weight.
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  3. 4 plants is pretty good for a 4x4, gives each plant a 2x2 footprint.
    You can definitely do just one plant.
    If you growing in coco, you don't have to use a massive container, just water more often. If in soil, dunno, but 10 gallons sounds okay but I am not a soil grower.
  4. Hello and thanks for the reply
    Ok I understand
    I just feel that 1 plant is less worrying and easier to deal with but if its a waste of space I guess its not worth it really because I agree that its always nice to get as much out of what you're paying for..
    How long veg do you think it would take with 1 plant?
    I was nearly sure I would be able to cover that space with 2 plants anyway and 10 week veg?
  5. Veg time is really going to depend on height and strain. I have some strains that come out of the cloner and are ready for flower 18-21 days later, others that take a LOT longer.
    Tents are pretty height restricted, so you don't want to overshoot. Again its super strain dependent. Some strains only stretch a bit in early flower, maybe 1.5 times, and others will stretch 4x. Purple Sunrise once went in to flower at 12 inches and finished at 51 inches. Funny thing, that same strain almost filled an entire 4x4 once, in a 2 gallon soft pot with coco. Had to water her 8-9 times per day, but a pump and timer make that easy. She dropped about a pound of good buds.

    The thing with 2 plants, is that they each get long rectangular growing areas, 2x4 feet each. You can totally train your girls to fill that odd shaped space, but I prefer to have square shaped spots for each plant.
  6. I was actually planning on training them to be rectangular haha
    I have some RQS green gelato seeds lying around here at home so that's what I had in mind and they are said to grow up to 47 inch, will I be good?
    Appreciate the help! :)
  7. I haven't grown that strain before, sounds good. I have Gelato, she stretches average.
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  8. I swear I saw this exact same post on another forum today...
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    When I grow one plant in my 4x4 it's in a 30 gallon pot. It is vegged in a 2 gallon nursery pot for around 8 weeks. Then transplanted into the 30 gallon and vegged for another 2 weeks before it's flipped to flower. I use a Blumat watering system as reaching the back of the pot for watering becomes difficult. I do agree with the others. Running 4-10 gallon pots and hand watering those will produce roughly the same yield. Putting all your eggs in one basket is fine if you have the skill set. If not. I'd suggest 4-10 gallon pots. I also mainline my plants to optimize the space. I find it produces less popcorn and more uniform bud size. I can easily remove my mainlined plants for IPM and defoliation when necessary.
    Edit: Just realized you didn't mention your growing medium. I just assumed soil. If your growing in coco coir using DTW I'd stick with a 10 gallon pot.
  10. 30gallon!? jesus that's like a chunk of land:blink:
    So then 10 weeks will be more than fine for a 10gallon? Yes I'm doing soil, my bad forgot to mention that
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  11. Yes. If you're interest you can check out my journal. Mainlining and more.
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  12. Thanks for the help I most definitely will!

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