settng up a full on SOG cab

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    dimensions are going to be 2 meters tall, 19 inches deep, by 39 inches wide.

    Going to have 2 sections which are 1meter tall, with the top level as flowering, bottom level will be split into 2, an area for a mother, and an area for clones while they root.

    need to know the following;

    Does black white foil avoid heat detectors from helecoptors? - still need awnswering

    if not whats the name of the anti detection foil? ive looked on ebay cant find any! - found it.

    baaicly gonna have the new setup because i have a very large weed consumption, so im setting this up inspired by DrBud, looking to be harvesting probably every 5 days, which DrBud was harvesting every 7 days and i have a little more room than he did!

    Also going to vent the hole thing with computer fans (lol), with a homemade carbon scrubber using activated carbon sheets for the flowering cab (may even have about 3 and use them as the main ventalation outlet!)

    btw its cfl grow, thats why im going to use computer fans, they will be hard wired to the back and inbetween each light will be a computer fan letting air in onto the bulbs
  2. got any pics of your cab? Im looking to start a sog, and may rebuild my grow box, or buy a cabinet to make it work and take up less room.
  3. i've also been very inspired by Dr.bud....great info from him.
  4. can wait to see it
  5. any updates or pics?
  6. this is a way old topic, unforciantly the girlfriend will only let me do 2 plants a time, so im growing 1 then going to clone, maybe oneday ill have my dream SOG cab :eek:

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