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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by genieadventures, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. How do I set my location. I looked for it in the "edit profile" but cant find it anywhere
  2. I dunno, must taek a look at it, I think it's some heritage from the old forum software we used.

  3. try "edit options"
  4. nope, not there either
  5. I've never been able to set mine either SJ, just figured it was a glitch. lol :smoking:

    But just so's ya'll know, I'm in the Swamps!!! LOL :wave:
  6. Sj this aint good enough we demand that you fix this ASAP :)

  7. I went into my profile to edit my location a couple weeks ago, and I couldn't find the field for location. I imagine it's been eliminated by modifications as an option??
    Or maybe we're all just REALLY supastoned & can't find it while it's staring in our face, laughing the entire time~
    I wouldn't be surprised... :D

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