Setting up my closet....Need input...

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  1. OK, so hello GC!

    My closet :
    Flower Chamber:
    20" wide
    60" tall (can be lower or taller not sure if this is an optimal height)
    70" long
    Gunna have 2 intakes drawing from a ghetto rigged AC, and 2 exhausts, both leading to a home made carbon scrubber.
    Also I will have 2 internal fans for undergrowth.
    I was thinking either 1 234w 4' T5 CFL w/ballast and additional CFL's, or a 250w lumatek ballast with hortilux bulbs again with additional CFL'S.
    I would like this flower chamber to house 5 plants, do you believe this is adequate lighting?
    I haven't purchased any lights yet because I do not want to regret my choice.
    Also, I am considering purchasing 1 tri-band UFO LED light, but am not totally convinced.

    My questions are as follows:
    I find this area to be kind of ackward, it is long (70") but not to wide(20"), I still haven't constructed this chamber and want it to be completely airtight, aside from intakes/exhausts obviously. I would be into a grow tent or box for purchase, but haven't seen any that meet my spacial needs. Has anyone constructed grow tents out of vinyl? I was looking at and they have a black on one side and mylar on the other side that they sell by the roll. I was thinking of making a tent out of this with maybe zipties? Or something to hold it together.

    Or I was thinking of making a box out of wood and paint it mylar on the inside and black on the outside. However I dont know what kind of wood would be best for this! Plywood?I just want something that is very strong and resistant.

    I would really appreciate any help on my lighting too, I am very unsure and need more input!

    How many plants do you think this space (20"wide by 60" tall by 70" long) allows? I don't want to have the plants too cramped though.

    Any other problems anyone can foresee?

    Oh yea, gunna go for soil/organic and I'm going to try my luck at LST on one or two of the plants. And I will be getting Juicy Fruit clones(100% sativa dominant) and some Sour Diesel clones w/ excellant genetics!

    P.S. Didn't post my veg/cloning chamber b/c I feel very confident on that end, I am more so looking for advice on my flowering room.

    Thanks for all the help, in advance.
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