Setting up GG 5x9 Tent

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  1. Hey guys new here I'm looking to run Autos only and I really plan on going with leds, wanted to get some good advise on a Led setup for some auto seeds I want to run as i said it the Gorilla Grow tent 5x9 so I know it's a nice space to light up......Thanks
  2. You just starting out?

    HPS you want 40-60watts sq/ft
    Led 30-50+watts a sq/ft.

    Personally I'd go with led but your easily looking at a couple thousand dollars to minimally light the tent. For my 4x4 I'm looking at 1200+ watts using cob LEDs.(79watts sq/ft dimmable to 30w sqft) At about $2200 so you'd be looking at $7000 for your 5x9. But hey we aren't all rich.

    So it pends on you comfort zone of DIY ing shit together.

    Other then cobs there are quantum boards they seem to be a cheaper alternative. But still not that much cheaper
  3. I spent $975 on QBs to light up my 5x5
    Hopefully they ship today.
    What $2200 leds did you get?

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  4. 16- vero 29's
    4- hlg 320c2100's
    and frame work with pc heat sinks.

    I only have the one light built as of now and in total it cost me $550 to make, although there were some one time costs in there like zip ties and heat transfer compound. although one thing I'm changing for the next light is I'm making it vented. this little baby at half power( aprox 230watts) heated up the tent 6f-11f. and the plant has only seen full power a couple of times due to heat issues.

    like don't get me wrong I did come off a little strong. and there are simple solutions out there that will get you going for a cheap couple grand from companies like mars hydro, vipraspectra ..... albeit I have no experience with any company other then my own lol( with the hps light being included in a kit)

  5. Do you have a link to the QB lights buddy?
  6. I'm sure I can get it done a lot cheaper looking a a Kind or Mars led setup I've seen great grows out of a 5x5 and one Mars Led
  7. I been shopping and researching cobs, and qb's lately.
    I have a 5x5 outfitted with about 1200 true marshydro watts,
    320 pro
    MarsII 400
    1st gen 300
    , looking to get at least another 300 for the current run when I switch to flower,
    What's in there now lights it up nice though, think it's about 48 watts per square foot

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  8. Wow, I think I might grab a 5x5 for my first run if this light becomes too much an issue for the 5x9

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