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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by High as Space, Sep 23, 2010.

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    So im allowed to grow inside as long as i can control smell.
    I have a spare closet that is 4' x 2.5' x 7'
    checked at my hydro store and they have a 2.5' x 2x5' x 5.5' growlab. ($150) (they have hydrohuts but not in my size)
    so im thinking about buying the grow lab and growing 3 or 4 plants under a 400 watt HPS that im also buying there. ($250 with a 5 year warranty)
    So, which method of building a carbon filter would be best/cheapest for me?
    Im planning on doing a scrog on two out of the 4 plants

    for my first grow im looking for the best possible quality seeds
    my grow will be 4 plants with 1 autoflower.

    Here are some strains i like, let me know how you feel about them
    OG Kush, LA Confidential, Vanilla Kush, AK-47, and Diesel Ryder (as my autoflower)

    which ones would be the best and which ones should i scrog?

    do any of those strains off attitude have a good rep?
  2. search for carbon air scrubber
  3. i just dumped the white russian from my grow. I have a few flowering but when they finish, i wont be growing any more of them. the strain is so damn picky. Im not impressed with it at all.
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    damn i thought the northern lights with ak47 would be nice...

    any more info on my setup/strains/questions?
  5. Roughly 27 square feet in your grow
    81 cmf fan for air removal
    162 cmf rated fan if you add a carbon scrubber

    make your own scrubber. Their cheap to make. Alot cheaper than if you buy one.

    I read a really great review on red diesel. Like a super awesome one
  6. If you are able to modify your closet you don't need a grow tent, you need to make sure you get a decent centrifugal fan to ventilate your area not a shitty duct booster and i would recommend a cool tube... You can check out this list for some cheap equipment and to get an idea of what every thing is gonna cost you as well as some other usefull info.
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    Is there a difference between a carbon fliter and a scrubber?
    and does a fan need to be attached to it or can i just have fans near the bottom of my grow pushing air up towards it?
    Im having a difficult time understanding how its done cheaply and easily.
    i saw a youtube vid where a guy put cotton in a pvc pipe, then put carbon on top of the cotton and said he was done.... and the methods on here seem to be for massive areas, and im in a 2.5 x 2.5 x 6 tent.
    i think the best method for me is to just build 1 filter at the top of the tent letting air out the top. But im not sure cause ive never even done it.
    thanks for any help
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    they are the same thing

    Putting fans at the bottom blowing into the tent would create positive air pressure which is not what you want.

    Again you need negative air pressure to control odor and heat check out the thread i linked in my first post for more info...
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    I actually built this one... changed the flange and made it look really nice by adding a pet filter in the end that i hand sewed... mine turned out super kick ass..... but it took two days.... in place of the cotton balls i actually added duct sealant... it's like tar.... then it hardens like cement.... I can replace the pet filter and activated carbon for like 20 bucks... then its brand new... all depends on space and how stealthy you want it to be and how handy you are...

    or you can buy one and get ass raped....
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    oh haha.. that is a lot of good info however i cannot buy things online right now.. my space is small so i dont need a big one and i heard they were expensive if you buy them at the hydro store,,, would the one that i said i liked work for me? seems the easiest to make.
  12. LOL 81 cfm for exhaust?? that was a joke right
  13. what i mis-spelled cfm....... wtf... did i miss something... no its not a joke... do the math tard
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    Heres the prices from the hydro shop if i bought everything except the light

    2.5x2.5 tent.............189.95
    elf filter (carbon filter)....................62.95
    4" inline fan...............109.95
    fan speed controller, will quiet
    fan down and control temp...27.95
    4" ducting..................19.95
    duct clamps................1.95 412.70........since im paying cash take 10% off
    - 41.27 = 371.43 + TX
    the fan has 5 year warrenty

    let me know if you think this setup will work to circulate air and remove odor.
  15. any thoughts? would this create negative air pressure so eliminate odor? and should i let the air go out of the tent and into the closet or try and get it out of the closet?
  16. Don't know if anyone posted this yet but DIY Odor Control Bucket - 420 Magazine

    Cheapest solution and IMO best solution for you. It works, and works well. Evacuate the air in the tent into a sealed area and put this thing there. the smaller the space, the better it will work. I would personally suggest two of them. One in the grow area, and another in the exhaust room.

    There are also DIY scrubber tutorials on the forums which If used in conjunction with this would be over kill
  17. damn that looks nice. I think im gonna get all of what i posted before. That would make my total investment for my first grow $750 plus seeds. hopefully my first harvest will make me quadrupole that.
  18. You need to do know the CFM on the ventilation fan you are buying if its a shitty duct booster you should get a real fan...

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