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  1. so i have 2 rooms but am planning on using a 10 x 7.5 section out of each room.
    in the veg room i am going to run pandafilm straight across the room to make a wall. i will be taping the edges and stapleing through the tape to prevent rips and then sealing with another piece of tape for light leaks. tarp zippers for doors
    looking into a 6ft light mover using an open hood and 1k ballast w/ mh bulb.
    my idea to hang the rail properly could use some input?
    for the minimal smell of veg plants i will use a 4in fan/scrubber i have laying around, just scrubbing at the top of the room.
    for the exhaust i will use a 6 in fan and a passive intake
    i will use 18 hr light cycle but fans 24 hrs
    in the flower room i will be using the same method to make a wall except their will be another wall making 2 flower rooms.
    i will have 4 8in a/c hoods, 4 600 watt ballasts, 1to1 Mh to Hps, 
    ill be using 2 8in fans and 2 8in carbon filters, passive 8 in intake
    the light cyle will be 12 hrs but for the circuit i will take 15min out of that in order to make sure when one room comes on the other goes off but never both on.
    the grow will be 12 plants flowering at a time 10gal pots coco, 12 plants vegging 10gal pots, 6 in bubble cloner, clone from clone, harvest each month
    now tell me what you would change?


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