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setting up a grow op in mobile home?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by butchherring, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. I want to start a grow op in a 2 bed room mobile home. I want to covert a 10 by 10 bedroom into the flower room with six 600 watt high pressure sodium lights air cooled. then turn the other bedroom into a mother/clone room using two 600 watt lights for the mothers and some flouresants for the clones. Im going to be running around 5000 watts and most likley have to have an electrican upgrade the electric for what i need. would the electrican be suspicious? Does anyone have any experience growing in a mobile home?
  2. Ya And it = pain in the ass if its older then the up grade is a must me and my buddy did almost same thing and it jyst gos back to there is allways somthing going wrong they dont hold heat well and seem suck up cold air it can be doon but, it turnd into a $ pit for us I wish you luck
  3. @OP, you're nuts to want to run all that out of a mobile home and to pay an electrician to upgrade your circuitry to handle it. Your plan is to burn well over 2,000 kilowatt hours of juice a month in a mobile home (and that's only for lights, haven't added in fans yet), while the average US home uses about 800 kwh per month. Yeah, it will be suspicious as hell.
  4. Was this plan developed while you were extremely high? haha.. No experience, but I can tell you that they are terrible holding heat and that is going to be an extremely noticable grow with that much wattage..

    Yes the electrician will be suspicious.. Who needs that much power in a mobile home??

    Goodluck though:smoke:
  5. Im definetly not sane for sure and i have a lot of balls. I was running all that equipment for about one year in a 2 bedroom house no problem. I had a deal worked out with the land lord but his wife found out and kicked me out. no one will rent a house to me cause of my credit even though i have the fuckin CASH. Im willing to take the chance it would only be for a six month period. I could tell the electrican that i needed a new panel for a hot tube or something? I live in an area where grow houses arent common at all?
  6. I could throw extra insualtion in the grow room if i had to if it is really that bad.
  7. no tell em you need to add a 100amp sub panel for a window a/c unit... once the panel is in place you can add up to 5 20amp 120v circuts, or 2 240v circuts *depending on your ballasts* and a 1 120v circut.. as long as you pay the bill you shouldnt have a problem.
  8. thanks for th info.
  9. Electricians/contractors are there to make money & as long as their legal I doubt if they would care. 25 exp. tells me this.
    As for the other point ^ what they said.

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