Setting up a grow how much light how manny plants what to expect?

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  1. Hi everyone, new here, smoking for a long time, have been around people who grow unfortunately not much relationship there anymore one of them was my grandfather who passed away.

    I’m setting up an indoor grow, I have a room about 8feet by 12 currently I’m only have the lights covering about 8x6
    I have a max bloom 4x it’s supposed to be 400watt draw but the bloom set of lights doesn’t work anymore, so only 200watt draw.
    I also have an 1800w equivalent king grow light a 1500 watt equivalent working with 3/5 bulbs and a 1000w equivalent with 3/4 bulbs working. I also
    Have a 500 watt draw led flood
    Light 6500K that I have yet to utilize.

    How much light do I need for this room? How manny plants what yeilds are possible with this setup.

    I have about 40 plants 7 different strains growing that I plan to swich to flower for 5 days to get rid of males then reduce to the best female that I can fit in the room there only little yet

    Growing in coco using the coco a and b nutrients and rapid start ph to 5.9
    Options , is this too much light or not enough
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  2. All are about this right now except 2 that I’ve i started a week earlier

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  3. looks good to me bud,
    welcome to GC :D
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  4. Thanks I’m really looking forward to all the learning.
    any idea how manny plants I should be looking at keeping
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  5. well, I try to grow in two separate areas, one for veg and the other for flower. I don't like growing a bunch, and then flowering them, and then repeating. Instead, I try to start a new one every six weeks or so. This way, I start one, it goes to flower, start the next, when it goes to flower, the other one half through, then start the next one, you got three, but the first one is almost ready (ready), etc. This way, if something goes wrong, its just a month or so till your next one. Biggest problem doing this way is males/females if you use reg seeds, but you can just keep using a clone from the plant that is about to go to flower, if you like one strain. Otherwise use fems. I've missed because I get males or I try something different and it doesn't work, etc.
    In an 8x12 room, you can set it up for three flowering plants, and keep a tent in the back for one (two) vegging plants and/or clones.
    I try to yield two pounds from each plant, but again, me experimenting gets in the way sometimes...
    one plant (earlier this year).
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  6. Wow Trojan that’s an insane plant, how long do you typically vegetate to yield 2lbs a plant, and my plan was to ditch a bunch of these out door for extracts, I also plan on setting up a room to start plants since seedling stage seems to be so painfully slow, figured I would start germinating then next set when I change to flower, I also plan to either buy fem seeds or do clones as I think long run it will be worth while with saving nutrients, Hydro and space
  7. Trojan, when do you start toping ? Is there a too soon or too late ?
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  8. If you do it too soon, you can hamper its growth (ie. stunt it and/or slow it down). Usually about 4-5th node is safe, but really its up to how well developed the surviving nodes are.
    I've jotted down some techniques in this thread
    How To SCROG
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  9. I chopped this one yesterday
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  10. Trojan I read your post and I’m very curious how you get 4 mains with one top, do you cut the main stem or just the new growth
  11. A new seedling (from seed) will have parallel lateral growth below the mains; cutting off the main will cause the next lower tops to grow (auxin hormone; apical dominance, etc).
    I do let it grow a little more though and have say six axials, but I will cut off the lowest two, leaving four, which become the new mains.

    If it isn't showing parallel axials, and instead shows staggered axials, I would just advise bending the main down, and not topping it. I did that to this one:
    by tying the main down over and over...
    This method limits the main, and allows the axials to develop.
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  12. Very hard training on the last pic.. nice btw, how u got her back bent like that..

    Flower tent Vegging outside the flower tent
  13. The first time it was tied to the pot and below the top node; as it grew taller, I pulled back again and tied it, just keep working around the clock, won't make it though, as the axials seem to have caught up now. I transplanted it today and didn't tie anything back down. sleeping atm, pics tomorrow?
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  14. Ive seen a knot tied on someones main stem.. then the rest of the plant grew out from their looked kool & weird

    Flower tent Vegging outside the flower tent
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  15. So 12x8 ft.

    That give you a total of 96sq ft.

    General rule of thumb for leds is 30w per sqft.

    So to cover the full 12x8 adequately with led you will want 2880 true watts of led, i hope this helps.

    Somebody please correct me if im wrong.
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  16. absolute perfection right there TJ dam they look tasty :D
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  17. Thanks groweranonymous, I currently have approximately 1700 watts guess I’ll keep looking as the plants get bigger, I’m also planning on saving up for a 4x4 grow tent because I want to start plants when these go into flower. How manny watts would you run in a 4x4 tent to start plants for say maybe the first 5 weeks, still 30 watts a square foot, or is that more for flower?
  18. Ok I’m probably going to get some opinions but again new to growing and I will learn, I wanted to get a bunch of mains off the start because I was interested in the scrog technique so before I joined this group I toped a couple of the bigger plants this ones been toped 2 times once got 2 mains then the next is just starting 4 mains, hence why I was asking if there’s a too soon or not

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  19. 30watts is what you should be aiming throughout veg and flower for optimal lighting, you can veg with much, much less though.. ive recently started to veg with CFL abd i couldnt be happpier for sure!
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