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  1. Just got all my stuff to start growing. Now time to build. I have 4x100' of reflective mylar for the walls and floor. The area is 3.5x3.5x5 and is in the attic. It is hidden away behind a wall, but there is an area you can crawl to get to it, thats how secret it is ;). Anyways, I'll get some pics up soon to show how it looks. Will be growing 4 autoflowering great white shark with a 400w hps light in soil
  2. Build away. Love top secret grow areas. My fave is Dewave. Even the wife don't know.
  3. Sounds good :) Any pics incoming?
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    Went outside and noticed an air vent on the side of my house. Check it out in the room, behind the insulation...theres an air vent! I was so happy. Now I dont need to worry much about the HPS getting too hot in there. I am going to set up everything tonight most likely and I'll get pics up. I'll make a journal and link it in here. Also, Don, I'll show you how secret it is when I get pics up lol

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