Seth Franco and James Rogan.. PINAPPLE EXPRESS

Discussion in 'General' started by ROCHESTER-420, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. haha wouldnt this be funny

  2. lolll what the fuck i love threads like this one
  3. Drug use linked to high IQ?

    I think you single handedly proved them wrong

  4. No people with high IQ's tend to use drugs. Doesn't mean the drugs didn't make him retarded.
  5. u guys are confusing as hell
  6. I can't grow facial hair very well.
    This video has now made me self-conscious.
  7. wut if thats how these 2 were born
  8. i doubt they would be famous

  9. i personallly think they look funnier..imagine the whole movie like this
  10. Why??
  11. KushGlass is fucking dumb dude. It's just a bunch of shitty articles with information that we don't need to know.

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