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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by griff, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. my closet is 19" by38" and 58" heigh iam using 600 watt hid lampits too hot! is my lamp to big for grow space?temp at 90.
  2. Just a little bit too big. Try backing down to a 250 watt or increase your grow area to around 5' x 5'. Or get some cooler fluoro lights until winter comes and you can draw in some cold outside air. Otherwise you are going to see temps in the chamber closer to 120 - 130 and fry the little 'uns.
  3. try a 250 watt. Or as BPP said earlier, increase the size of the grow space.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to check back. PM me next time.

    It will work but only when you can keep it cool, etract a lot of heat out of it, Screen the plant out of the light, and be prepared to lose some bud to heat stress or light burn. But the heat is going ot get up above 125 F. So you need some way to get cold air in to offset that. Might be better to wait until winter when you can get all the cold air for free and the HPS will heat the box and a regular extraction fan will normalize temps.

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