Set up for about $500?

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  1. I don't have the money ready just yet, but in about a week or two, I'm going to be looking somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 on a bong set up. As of now, I'm thinking I'll go with a SG King Stemline (Assuming, of course, that I can find one in stock somewhere), and a nice, but as of yet to be determined, ash catcher for it.

    Is this my best bet? Or can I do better for around the same price range? I was also looking at the Luke Wilson 15 arm perc with 10 arm downstem, but I feel like thats less practical and more, "LOOK AT WHAT I GOT!!!" ...but somebody correct me if I'm wrong on that. I'm mainly looking for something I can use as a daily driver, as my worked inline bubbler just doesn't cut it any more.

    Also, I will be willing to up my price range as long as its worth putting in the extra. But nothing crazy, still in the same neighborhood, can't go spending a grand or anything. Need to put the excess aside to book an anniversary vacation for my girl.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. I'd grab the king stem or mini king stem to gridded 2011bc AC, very good combo for the pricepoint
  3. I'd drop 150 on a bong a/c and keep the rest for W/E.
  4. Maybe a Stem/8?
  5. Honestly go with what suits you best. Right now I'm trying to save up around $270 for the HVY straight tube with showerhead perc. I know for a bit more I could get a SG stemline but the straight tube is shorter for my liking, and I do want the cool factor of the extra perc. If SG made a 14" stemline I'd save for that instead.

    Plus I like being able to experiment with different downstems. I've never tired a SG gridded, but I know it'll be perfect for a straight tube.

    So my point is that just buy what suits you. Are you looking for the most functionality, do you want something more "artsy", etc.? So if that LW 10/15 looks super cool to you then I say go for it. Honestly I'm sure it functions fine as a daily driver, but if you want the greatest functionality go for the SG kingstem and get and A/C.
  6. You have 500 bucks so theres alot of options for you.

    Illadelph 7mm for 400 ish.

    Theres a great Zob worked double 8 arm for 500 at ALT

    God almighty if you could find A mobious glass tube, their new perc's are insane.

    I'd go with the new mobious glass tubes.
  7. Oh yea I forgot about Mobius. They're looking pretty amazing but so expensive. I really wish I had a job that could justify me purchasing a Nano Reti, I personally like that one more than the matrix based on aesthetics. The matrix looks amazing but the reti looks "prettier" IMO.

    But since you seem to want a King I'd say go with the Strato Matrix or Reti.
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    lmao! You're a fucking idiot to spend that much on a bong. Not only are you going to be one sad and miserable bastard once it gets broken, you could buy some other things and get another bong ($100 - $200)

    If you had any brains at all you wouldn't spend $500 on a fucking bong, no matter how good it is. It's just glass, maybe if it was made of gold then $500 would be worth it.
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    Sure is butthurt poor kids in here.

    Edit: On a thread-related note, King Stem + 2011 BC Gridded AC seems about right. Trust that guy
  10. damn, it took all of 4 seconds for you to respond to the troll?
  11. Took me all of 10 seconds to respond to this

    don't you like weedstar

    anyways I was just pointing out that he was mad

  12. GOod for you for feeding the troll.

    Whats weed star have to do with buying high end glass?
  13. i'm not feeding him at all i only called him mad

    are you sure you know how trolls work sir

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  14. Troll? I'm serious, it is beyond unnecessary to spend that much money on damned glass.
  15. relax brethrens, this kliff guy is just an idiot

  16. see kliff the troll is serious

    i bet he drives a station wagon

    it's beyond unnecessary to spend lots of money on a car

  17. Is the only way you know how to share your opinion by looking like a douche/troll on a forum? :confused:

  18. ^ Haha now thats funny.

    OP, i don't know fi you just don't have much interest in them or what, but the PHX honecomb's are SIIICK. My real good friend got one a few months back (the HD 2x honeycomb) and it is spectacular. I think the tube ended up running him about 6ish or so, but a single would be less.

    Also, if you're looking for shorter tubes i will say that some of these new Sheldon Blacks are absolutely orgasmic (5 arm downstem with like 12arm percs) although they may be a little out of your price range.
  19. Obviously your opinion is different than the OPs and most other people around here so :wave:

    I have thousands in glass and do not regret a bit of it. Ive also never broke one of my high end pieces.:eek:

    Its what im into and what i enjoy it very much. who cares about money when it comes to enjoyment of life.:rolleyes:
  20. It's the opposite side of the spectrum for the glass snobs who believe if you purchase anything other than the most functional pieces high-end pieces you wasted money. This troll just has no appreciation for owning something nice and classy. It's not like everybody has to own one, but it's like people who collect anything.

    Take paintings for example some people spend extravagant amounts on pieces of canvas with some paint on them. It seems ridiculous to most, but to them it's an investment in something they truly appreciate. Not that I would ever own something like that, but a nice piece of glass I could appreciate. Not just the functionality but the skill in making it. And of course there are people who can make the same thing but in the end the quality isn't as great and thats where the true appreciation comes in.

    But it's like Toking Tools is full of both types of trolls. Those who believe that something is garbage if it isn't maximizing it's greatest functional potential, and those who preach that there is no reason to purchase anything above China glass. Of course no one can respect that other people have different tastes, and everyone has their reasons for making specific purchases. Everyone has a reason for something no matter how pointless it may seem to you.

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