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  1. So I got a good spot about 30 miles from my place,and I can't travel everyday to water my babies. So how often do they need to be watered? I can realistically go 1 time a wk, maybe a couple more to water them.

    I live in the south usa where in august it can get 107F with high high humidity.

    Say I did leave 1 plant unattended (for the most part), would it survive and produce bud? Assuming no animals fuck w/ it.
  2. If you put polymers / perlite in the soil, and mulch on top of the soil, it will minimize the amount you have to water.
  3. Lemme guess, you've got clay soil to.
  4. The soil isn't clay. It seems pretty good, but I will be using potting mix or something.
  5. I'm in the South "where in august it can get 107F with high high humidity", and we've got the clay.:p

    Anyways, if you amend a large plot with a rich loam soil, your plant should be able to hold its' own. The "set it and forget it" approach is popular amongst guerrilla gardeners, and not only for convenience. Less trips means less paths being beaten to your plants. Always a good thing when ripping season rolls around.

    Read over the outdoor stickies and you should be on your way.

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