Set it and Forget it

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ghost, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Are there any incredibly tough strains that can be planted in the spring, essentially forgotten about for the summer and then harvested in August?
  2. I'm not sure you would want to forget about 'em. Personally, if you just want to plant and forget I would recommend sowing some bagseed. That way when you do come back and they are gone or haven't done well you aren't out much.
  3. Just a bit antsy, is all. I guess a better question would be, is it possible to grow bagseeds in forest soil, but with regular watering and care? I'm not really going to be able to take really good care of the plants, maybe getting to them once every 3 or 4 days, and what I wonder is if I'd be able to get any returns from the plants that way.
  4. Wish I could tell you that but I really don't have that much exp myself. I would think that they should grow in forest soil. I believe, and someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think pretty much you can grow any strain outside; it's just a matter of getting the best results. So like if you were to buy a strain that says indoor that is just telling you the preferred method for that strain to get the best results. One thing you could do is if you're not sure about the quality of the soil out there is to plant in a bucket and dig a hole in the ground and put bucket and all in the ground. Good luck!!
  5. Every three or four days is the recomended times to go to a outdoor plot so your right on with that. I would wait till I could get at least one bag of soil and some cheap plastic pots and cut out the bottom of the pots and bury them at least with the bottom half of the pots full with potting soil.

    depending on where you are with temps right know you can plant almost anything outside.
  6. k, if you're really sketched out, you can do what one of my friends told me to do a year or so ago (I did not, but he said that his brother had done it, and it worked out well for him)

    if you're smoknig mids/reggies, save up somewhere between 15-30 seeds. you then germ then until you get a large amount of root tips, then just go into the woods at the begginning of spring, and just toss 'em out in 5-10 foot area.

    Of course this wont get you optimum results, but it might work. When i was told about this, I was skeptical, but if it doesn't work, what'd you really lose?

    Hope that helps, sorry if it doesn't.
  7. unless deer,rabbits,hogs,or whatever get to them you'll be alright,mj a weed so it can grow and flourish outside,Just note better care=better harvest=better Potency

  8. How do you define a weed? I would call a weed an unwanted plant, and my girls are certainly not that.
  9. So your saying MJ is not a weed around the world?
    Weed is a plant that grows uncontrollable in a place that you DONT want it to be
  10. Either way i love my MJ!!!!!:smoke:
  11. If that is your definition of a weed I entirely agree. But it doesn´t apply to my girls.
  12. Couldn't it also be labeled a flower? Except now that I think of it, there are trees with flowers. I don't know.
  13. You can plant in forest soil and weed will grow as long as it's in direct sunlight. However if You'd like to set it and forget it, then I'd advise planting in a marshy area. Somewhere near a creek or some body of water, but know how high the water may rise. Also a good disguise is key. I lost my only few plants last year most likely to a random wanderer...
  14. Make sure where ever it is you are planting that the temps wont drop to low to freeze your gal's. Remember to get those males out when they start to sex.
  15. Set it and forget it?

    OK you may find an excellent bit of soil where the deer come to shit, and in the autumn you will have pounds and pounds of tight, potent nugs with huge colas (and full of seed?).

    Or you may find an excellent bit of soil where the deer come to eat, and in the autumn you will have diddly squat.

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