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Sessions will end policy that allowed marijuana to prosper

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by kush70, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. My drug counselor told me that in Michigan, he has seen several people charged with DUI for testing positive for three whole days AFTER they smoked.

    If you have a legitimate reason to have a MMJ license, you need to smoke more often than every three days, therefore, any person who is legitimately using MMJ under license, cannot legally drive. AT ALL. EVER.

    The safest legal option then, is to ditch the MMJ license, and do your driving before you smoke, that way you can deny that you smoke altogether, and there is no paper trail proving that you probably did.
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  2. That's not the solution to the problem.. We need to organize and force a vote to de schedule marijuana as a drug
  3. I agree. I wasnt offering it as a solution, as it would be as a large scale, a de-facto surrender. I was offering it as a cover your ass option. As well as a warning to others through my experiences about driving and the intention of the State to attack people from the necessity of driving. You're right, 100% we should demand the legalization of it.
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  4. #44 kush70, Jan 10, 2018
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    YES ! It has to be de-scheduled period .
    A schedule 1 lol yea right ....
    obviously totally fucking clueless

    The greatest part of this is states are still moving forward and legalizing weed.... Vermont being the most recent...
    Fuck ‘Em if they choose to not listen to the will of the people!!
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    Almost? I don't know about that. Perhaps if the dems win the midterms this year, but states can still ban mj. There are still a few states where 2oz or less is up to 1 year in jail and $1-2k fine (and 2+oz is a felony). Possession of any quantity of hash is an instant 5-10 years. That's fucking ridiculous! Those living in red states are screwed.
  6. What's funny is the large number of Republicans that smoke and want to remain in the closet.. The town I live in is mostly republican, church going small town.. But almost everyone smokes on the weekend and acts holy through the week.. If they would just speak the truth and push a vote we could do this..
  7. I live in a very religious area. The only people I know who smoke around here are not so religious tho...but I have only lived here for about 1.5yrs so I don't know many people that smoke anyway

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