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  1. I am planning on attending a big rave/dance music event in next weekend. My first in just over a year, last one being a Deadmau5 show. And I will only mention I plan on abusing a copious amount of substances associated with said events. After having previously been a regular part of the rave scene, I know all the fun things to do to people that get them lifted and going bonkers.

    I was hoping if there were any fun techniques that my fellow blades could share with me as I have been out of touch with the scene for about a year and would like a brush up.

    I will say that I do know that a serotonin push is not really what is being described but merely an intense massage that loosens the muscles and cracks some joints or whatever and gets the blood flowing a bit more in combination with some sensory overload to boost the brain activity.

    I have a pair of gloves that have vibrating finger tips. Crazy insane feeling that the chicks most certain dig. Waterproof Fukuoku Gloves, Pair (Right & Left): Health & Personal Care
    Usually what I do is find a rollie-pollie in the corner getting a light show and grab their head with the glove and it's like the touch of Zeus himself. But I would say that about 5% of folks get freaked out like I'm gonna taser them or something.

    Apart from that I do this whole thing where I have the person lay down and I do a spine straightening exercise I learned from somewhere else that just loosens up their back and helps them relax then while laying face down I gently massage their back for a minute or so. I proceed by pressing more intensely at the lower back and slowly working up for the next minute. Then I have the person sit cross legged and bending forward like you would touch your toes but the legs are bent obviously. I continue to massage up toward the neck and head. The most important part during this sitting phase is to tell the person to breath steadily and to think about the breathing itself. After a few good deep breaths tell the person to take one fast deep inhale then immediate exhale but don't inhale again. Wait about 5 seconds. Then bear hug the guy under the arms and then lift them to a standing position as they take a fast deep breath in.

    Where I'm from they call it a cloud 9. It takes a lot of strength to do more than a few in succession and if you arent careful it can kill your own high by working so hard so I would only recommend doing it maybe to two lucky people that are most deserving. A few times I have even gotten tips for doing such a good job.

    Anyone else have any fun stuff they have done or have had done that would go well with my arsenal of mind blowing tricks?
  2. Another thing I do is the "shakes" and the "rock".

    The shakes is when I bear hug the person from behind under the arms, with permission of course, and tell the person to just go limp and perfectly relaxed all the way down. Ten I lift them up and just shake them violently.

    The "rock" maneuver is simple enough. With my gloves on I stand on the side of someone and the person leans forward with his chest to my hand and I just sort of pass him to either hand like a ball, only heavier. Doing it with the beat of the music is a must.
  3. Another thing you can do to intensify your high is to anally insert it in yo butt-o
  4. Yeah I'm not talking about method of delivery, just talking about the experience itself and ways to heighten it manually. And I know about vitamin c, 5htp, melatonin, and other supplements.
  5. Becarefull around me, one of us might get knocked the fuck out if you randomly touched me.
  6. haha...oh shit.

    okay i think im missing something outta this thread.
  7. OP was crazy as fuck :eek:

    the rest made me :confused:

    ....but i think i like this thread so far..
  8. so i guess if you never been to a rave... you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. so let me clarify. there are a few illicit mind altering things going around at these shows. lets say you take one and you are high as fuck and you are all over the sounds and the dancing and then you get just a little bit tired so you go and sit down to cool off for a bit and you sit in a corner but you find that when you relax and your heart rate becomes more sustainable you start going even more crazy cus there is some dude in front of your face with white gloves and little LED lights on the tips and you are tripping out to all kinds of tracers and the thump thump of the bass.

    thats when i come in and i grab your hand to introduce you to the glove so you don't freak out right away. i rarely just straight up grab someone, thats bad news. then you feel the vibrations pumping in your chest with the beat and it moves up to your neck and in your jaw and now the lights are not only moving really fast but they are getting all shaky and fuzzy too. then i do one of the aforementioned exercises and suddenly you are as high as you could ever be just cuz i massaged your back.

    gee you are welcome, have a great rest of the night.
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    I'd rather chill with Lucy and sit in the woods, or eat mushy stuff and sit in a dark quiet room, fuck all that noise.

    Different strokes for different folks, have fun touchin other boys in weird ways, make sure you say no homo first though Mkay...

  10. where do you live? im coming with you

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    Count me in too, bro. Sounds like fun.
  12. I've seen, partook, done, and experienced some trippy shit in my lifetime, but this is... :hippie:
  13. az
    yeah no homo. for the most part its a fun/easy way to meet chicks, i went through my fair share. but there are enough friendly guys out there that could use a little pick me up as well. and yes i have been very close to being fooled into thinking some guys were actually chicks but i was very wrong but not too late, thankfully. I've been hit on by some gay guys. and its all good, i just let them know I'm not into it politely and then move on to other people.
  14. your doing a service op

    good job
  15. BOOF your unmentionables. Oldest trick in the book.
  16. YAY serotonin!

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