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Seroquel High? Experiences

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by electrikbroz425, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. 300 mg of seroquel...can i get fucked up???
  2. bump....need answers ppl
  3. ive only used it once when i was coming down off coke. blow them shits you will feel good in 30 60 mins
  4. a litle research would help you figure his out quick. anyway no antipsychotic is recreational in any good sense. most do act as a sedative and will make you sleep but trust me it is not pleasent. most
    make me sick in the mornng and dizzy until I fall asleep
  5. Seroquel is a drug those sick fuck psychiatrists and sicko fucks in the mental hospital youth palce that everyyyy states have, not jail but like some gay bullshit inpatient shit. it was BLACK LISTED by the FDA and they still try to shove it downs kids throats that dont even have problems. a doctor sits there talks with them for 5 minutes then diagnoses him with 3 disorders....LMAO. to bad smoking a natural joint will do alot better for you than a fucked up black listed pill. shit makes u feel like u wanna pull ur legs out, its so gay.
  6. If you take enough you start tripping
  7. Don't spread false information. That's also bordering on doseage advice.

    All that Seroquel has ever done to me was knock me out for 12 hours. Then you wake up and feel really groggy. Not fun, unless you need to sleep real bad.
  8. I railed two and they made me see black fuzzy dots that filled up my entire vision. I couldnt hear anything and I could barely talk. I had to have my friend give me a piggy back ride to the street cause it was dark in the woods we were at and I could literally not walk straight, I walked into trees, bushes, etc. not fun at all If you do do it though, do it in a controlled setting in a house or something and have someone with you.
  9. i took 200mg last night smoked a bob and passed out. Not very much rec. use but if you cant sleep or something it will def. help.
  10. feel like you wanna pull your legs out?

    lmao...ive done it a couple times.
    it's really not anything to do unless you want to sleep though.
    i went to sleep from 11pm to 4pm the next day
  11. Back when i used to tweak, i couldent sleep without them

    Theyre good if you just came off a 40 hr meth binge.

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