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  1. I have this "friend " that I've known for about five years now.I was wanting some shit so I call him up and was like "what's up bro".He says nothing much what do you want.Very rude like I must add.I continue talking normally and say so what you up to?This guy says something your not.....what do you want?So I say not much just seeing what you were up to and he said I told you something your not.Ofcourse I'm kinda mad already because he was getting pretty shitty with me and we are supposed to be cool. So I just ask him if I can come over to pick up.He said "whatever" and hung up without saying later all while talking to some dude the whole time.

    If he was busy he would have told me to hit him up later tonight or something.It may not sound like a big deal but this person wouldn't have a car(500$ 2005 model).Nor would he gave half the shit he has to sell.

    I'm going over to his house in a minute.It just sucks not having an upstanding friend in a time of need.

    Big brownie.
  2. Probably thinks that's all you want from him. He already knew what you wanted when you said what's up
  3. Yea, you've probably just been asking for nug whenever you hit him up, which is cool unless you guys are friends or something.

  4. This dude is right. When I was into "hooking people up" regardless of good, I soon began to differentiate who were friends and who were "clients". I got kinda agitated when they mixed, like someone who I knew only hung around for the pot was trying to get friendly with me just to get better deals/whatever.

    Believe it or not, this is this guys job. He probably has some maturing to do, but I understand what his motives in being a prick to you over the phone were.

    I would try to switch dealers if you could, sounds like he's a little uptight and needs to mature, seeing as you were only trying to be friendly.
  5. Nah I hang out with him every other day.He also knows what his occupation entails.I don't except that answer bro sorry.

    About to go over to his place now so ill see why he is upset then.
  6. Yeah, one of my dealers is the same way. If that's all you call him for, he's gonna act like that. Or he could just be having a bad day if this is the first time it's happened.
  7. sounds like someone needs to remove the stick from their ass :confused_2: the rudeness would have pissed me off right off the bat, do update when you come back OP im interested to see how douchy your "friend" acts..
  8. Keep us posted. and im guessing when you guys hangout you do one of two things. 1. smoke weed 2. smoke weed
  9. Shouldve asked him what his problem is BEFORE u go over there. You might end up gettin murked if its some serious shit.
  10. Sounds like he thinks your a dick. Just my two cents though.
  11. Lol getting killed.Y'all are funny.Nay he is cool guys he said I over analyse
    D it.He just called asking if I was gonna come over and he was joking with me on the phone.

    I think I was high and just thought about it too much.
  12. So he was drinking come to find out.Explains the tone of his voice.So all is well I told him to come over tomorrow he said he'd hit me up when he is around my way.We've known each other for a good five years so I wasnt expecting anything.

    I shouldn't have thought so deeply on this subject.It didn't call for it in this instance.Well stay up blades.

    Love y'all or is that just lust?

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