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  1. n this photo released by the official Xinhua news agency, members of China's armed police demonstrate a rapid deployment during an anti-terrorist drill held in Jinan, east China, on Wednesday July 2, 2008, roughly one month ahead of the Beijing Olympic Games.
  2. if you get arrested, do you have to hop onto their back and hold on?
  3. I wonder how recoil effects those. It would be pretty funny to see someone start firing and roll backwards.
  4. so this is the future of armed forces? sweet
  5. LOL, long live the Segway!
  6. look at the one in the back with the nerf gun LOL

    i coulda swore i had that same shit back in 95
  7. Check out that armor plating!

    .. I mean.. plastic..
  8. Haha that is kind of an old picture but still a favourite of mine.
    For lulz look at the guy holding a sniper rifle.
    What kind of sniper rides a segway?
  9. A highly fucking skilled sniper. Dont mess with China :eek:
  10. there's no built-in machine guns on those things? imagine a group of those mother fuckers chasing down someone, hahahahah..
  11. well... it WOULD make their shots more accurate while moving... and noone really cares about looks over practicality. although that's probably the only practical benefit of them
  12. Yeah but isn't the whole objective of sniping..stealth?
  13. :laughing:

    I couldn't help but giggle hysterically at their segways and tiny little guns. :p

    Awwww look at the wittle guns!! :D
  14. this made lol pretty hard. +rep

  15. naw, its too much work to bother arresting you. They just surround you and call in one of these
  16. They need to call Paul Blart for some backup.

  17. i dont think they would do shit with those pee shooters. that has gotta be one of the funniest things ive seen in a while, hell you could use a small stick as a defense. just throw it out like in Big Daddy and watch them fall over it. i wonder what a high speed chase would be like,lol. youll see that episode of South park the other day with kenny's GO-GO-Bronco, i can imagine it would be something like that.
  18. That's honestly got to be the most appropriate time for a /facepalm, ever.

  19. sorry for the double post, but that is serious one of the most fucked up things yet to come from china. Just climb aboard this ordinary police van and we will lethal injection your ass? FOR FREE
  20. That wasn't for the Olympics. Thats the Chinese CS:S team. Thats how the practice. You get shot you die. :smoke:

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