Seriously, what the fuck?

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    Lol I just don't understand it. My dad used to be a STONER. My dad smoked mad weed every day when I was growing up. Now he doesn't smoke as much, but he STILL DOES. Thing is, he found out I smoke and now takes me to a counselor because of it (-.- he offered for us to go to counselor because of our shitty relationship, and he brought up to the guy that i smoke weed and he is concerned... he couldn't force me to go for weed). I just got a job and I have money saved up so I'll be moving out soon (meaning like within 6 months). I just don't understand why my dad does this even though he smokes?

    yes, im positive 100% sure he smokes.
  2. Probbably because you sell weed to little kids and get beat by them lol.

  3. lol what

  4. cool man thanks for clearing things up

  5. Well fuck if your going to complain about the rules just GTFO of the house already.

    How the fuck could we possibly help you?
  6. I thought you lived with your Uncle Phil?
  7. Same exact thing here man. Except he didn't take me to a counselor and he's a dealer! He beat my ass when I was 15 because he found 1g in my room. He doesn't know I still smoke now and idc if he does become I'm a grown ass woman.
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    He probably feels responsible for your new habit. Most people, especially parents, don't want to influence their kids in a way they may consider negative. Since it's clear from your statement that you've never talked to him about why he smokes weed, maybe you should ask him. Better yet, wait til you're in counseling and bring it up. You could even start by saying, "you know, I'd like to discuss something today..." then turn to you dad and ask him why he smokes marijuana. You could even go on to say you remember him smoking regularly when you were growing up, and admit to him that you know he still smokes. Then ask him what his concerns are about your usage. I'd be careful when questioning your father because if he's in a defensive mood, he might get angry or lie. I find that it's best to talk about your own usage first, to establish honesty and perhaps make your father respect you for manning up to your habit. This could even set the stage in a reverse psychology sort of way to pressure him into his own admission, because his son went first. If you're an adult, his opinion might not matter much anyways, but it sounds to me like he loves you enough to be concerned for you and counseling is probably the only way he knows how to talk to you, by having a mediator in the room.

    A lot of men don't know how to talk to their sons, especially absent fathers. I remember when I was 14 and I asked my father what made him hit my mother when they were together. After years of being told by my mother that he was an abusive asshole, I got his side of the story. For the first time I heard that when my mother and father drank, my mother would attack my father and he would defend himself. Later, when I got older and drank around my mom, she started being pyhsically abusive to me and others, coming on to teenage friends, even stabbed me with a knife once. Drank with my dad a couple years later and like me, he was kick back and chill as hell. I discovered that my mother had projected the image of herself onto the memory of my father.

    Point is, you never know til you ask. People seem to have a hard time being real with each other anymore, especially family members. Perhaps it's built up tension or just lack of communication skills but it's very important you decide where you stand with your family. You never know when something might happen and you might not get to ask all the things you wondered. ....this crazy life.

  9. Maybe he honestly thinks you need to work on your relationship. Or maybe he knows HE smokes weed for the wrong reasons and thinks you're doing the same...

  10. There is no wrong reasons not to smoke weed. The only wrong reason to smoke weed is not smoking it!

  11. No dude remember how I met up with my dad and we went to the arcade... well yea i moved in wit him

  12. That's not true for everyone, though.

  13. I know man. Weed makes my social anxiety ten times worse but I never had it until I started smoking either. I basically just learned to live with it though so idc about it
  14. He probably feels like it's his fault you smoke weed and feels guilty you do. Or perhaps he isn't happy and that is the reason he smokes and feels the same may be true for you. He loves you, don't forget that.
  15. He just doesn't know how to handle being a parent about smoking weed so he got somebody else to do it.

  16. I do not smoke because I'm unhappy. I smoke to enhance my life, settle my stomach when it hurts, and just to be a little happier. I don't want him to feel guilty about my smoking though; I love it haha. I'm not really mad at him just really confused. I love him too ;)
  17. You need to clarify that to him. Tell him why you smoke and ask what he's worried about
  18. just worry about charming the pants off the girl that coming ver. stress leads to poor performance you know.
  19. Actually I do seem to remember that now.

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