Seriously Starting Something Against this Propaganda Bullshit

Discussion in 'General' started by toomeyboy, May 12, 2006.

  1. well its good to let people know whats up, but I think that would be considered trolling on most forums. No place really likes an outsider advertising their beliefs/sites on their first post.

    just had an idea. What we could do is buy up the banner space that anti drug websites usually buy. It could direct you do educational marijuana websites with large collections of scientific data, anecdotal accounts, and a forum.
  2. yaaaa I hear ya....I'm just so pissed about that whole thing

  3. He's just linking to NORML and Erowid, both sites that get a lot of mentioning already. Plus you've got an ad in your sig :D So let's just show some stoner love :smoke:

    Anyway, good luck with that toomy. It's a 100% uphill battle. No one will want to fund you, listen to you, believe you (when the other side just makes up facts), or be in any way associated with whatever pro-legalization effort you put forth. So I mean it when I say Good Luck, cuz you're going to need it.
  4. it's not even so much that they can make up facts. they are allied (or actually are) the government. and people are stupid and trust anything that the government says as opposed to doing research for themselves.

    however, i'm willing to help in any way that i can.
  5. all very true, I'm just taking in the account of the xenophobia seen on my forums. imo it won't be that effective in strong anti-drug sentiment forums. just stir up shit, ya know?

    but go for it if you still want to.

    and i link to a site that proclaims no opinions, just visual stimulation. :)

    but i still like the buying up the banner space. it'd be a nice fuck you to them.

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