Seriously Need Help!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by E~Man, May 3, 2006.

  1. :smoking: Is there any way of time traveling? Seriously, I'm really bored at work and time always goes by slow here... fuck time, I wanna smoke weed and be free!!!!!!
  2. lol salvia can seem to turn the world around backwards.
  3. Yeah, just get one of those time machine thingys, they usually do the trick.
  4. buy a time machine, like on napolean dynamite and get some sativa, you will think you are traveling in time lol.
  5. I've travelled here from the early 60's. DUH DUN DUH!!!
  6. *Cue twilight zone music*
  7. Stick a pickle up your ass, do the funky chicken, spin around three times and say what year you wanna go works i promise.:rolleyes:
  8. you guys are no help.. already tried those....jk... I was bored
  9. Ok i will post a step by sttep process of how to travel in time.

    1.)Find a girl named danielle Tripplett.
    2.)Jump into her pussy aka the black hole.
    3.If the nasty creatures that live inside dont kill you, you should end up somewhere in the prehistoric ages.
  10. no actually a banana does it for me :)
  11. If you want to lose long tracks of time, just start pounding back shots. It seems like everytime I do that, I'm magically transported to the next morning (or afternoon), half naked and missing my wallet.

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