Seriously met the real life version of the pedophile from Family Guy today.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Morph420, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. So I work transportation for this school, and we stop in a city after 4 hours on the road some kids had to go to the restroom, so we stop at Carls Jrs.

    I go in to make sure the kids are alright and that no one gets left behind.

    I'm waiting in the lobby area, and this 80 maybe older year old dude comes up to me and says

    "Wow, you have a lot of muscle, you must be really strong." And he starts feeling my fucking forearms n shit, I told him

    "Yo dude, I'm trying to work here, back off of me before shit goes down bro"

    So I guess since he's so old he didn't hear me that well, he proceeds to feel on my arm again!!


    He says 'Oh I'm sorry" and takes too steps away from me and starts looking at me from behind.

    So I took the kids that I was watching for my job, and we left.

    I was fucking creeped out!!!
  2. Ya shouldnt talk like that in front of children.
  3. Oh did you, now?
  4. The kids are Deaf.

    And Verde yes, yes I did.
  5. Bamf.
  6. Ahhh haha, when I get to that age, that's probably going to become my number 1 form of entertainment.
  7. thats fuckin' weird man haha. im sorry.
  8. When I worked at a grocery store I had some old black guy (STFU race baiters... it's just a description) who wears a diaper start giving me a shoulder massage because he "hadn't seen [me] in a while"... and I don't even know the bastard. I guess he was seeing me even though I wasn't seeing him.

    And at the same grocery store there is a senile old guy who shops there who looks, talks, and acts JUST like the pedo from Family Guy.

  9. LMAO!! That's hilarious!

  10. So...did you get the 'black guy's' number?! :D
  11. hahaha. i dont care if he is 25 or 99, thats fucking weird. you did everything right. i mean i would of repeated my self a couple times before screaming "dusty fuck" but your not too out of line man.
  12. they would have never heard him coming...
  13. did he whistle when he talked?

  14. Ok, that's just fucked up, and very insulting to me, get out of this thread please and don't post here again.

  15. touche.
  16. ya got me haha, well good job watching out for the kids and telling the guy off
  17. dam brah i woulda tapped dat shit

    nom nom
  18. LOL I'm so stoned when i first read it I kept realizing how it happened. Then afterwords I thought about it for a second and damn man what a fake ass story! :D
  19. Kind of random but while I was reading this thread I looked down and noticed I have amazingly hairy feet

  20. it's a fucking joke, mother goose.

    chill out.

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