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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BurnOne, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Ok so listen to this...
    I've been so indecisive about buying seeds online, but I really wanted to start growing. I recently just copped some marley... And it had at least seven seeds. I was wondering if I could possibly germinate them? Is it possible I can produce healthy plants from these seeds?
  2. Yeah man go ahead. If the marley was good. You'll be surprised from the results. Bag seeds rock! :D
  3. yes, and it doesnt cost anything to germinate them to find out. you should have results in a day or two. use the search, or look for the germination thread stickied in the forum. just make sure you have everything ready to grow before you germinate, plants dont wait.

  4. Legal makes a good point that is often overlooked....make sure you have all your shit together before you germinate. Its no good to be scrambling to put together a half-assed set-up while your seeds are waiting to get into some soil.
  5. thankx... i was a little hesitant... just wanted to make sure that I wasn't wasting my time.
    Any suggestions on the best method for full growth? I'm in between places right now but i really want to start the process.
  6. The best way to grow, in my opinion, is to start by reading the stickies posted in the growing forums here on GC.
  7. will do... thankx

  8. He also means the stickies in the absolute beginners area.

    IMO in regards to the seeds it could be hit or miss, even more so if you have not seen the mother. Is it really what its claimed to be? Then ask yourself why did this bud have seeds to begin with? Was this a female fertilized naturally or maybe a female turned hermie. Hermie seeds IMO more times than not will produce hermies.
  9. I have never had a bagseed in my life...
  10. First off, I don't believe you... j/k

    Second, I love growing bag seed. Of course the bag seed has a lower germination rate, but it's free and you get to see what the pot you were smoking should or could have been like if taken better care of. I have a clone mother that is from bag seed and she is one of my favorite plants... The only problem is I don't know her genetics, but if you don't care about genetics than you are set.

  11. It's believable. I've only had bag seed once in more than three years.

    To the OP, read the stickies before you germ. There's no point in wasting your seeds if you dont have a proper set up. Its not as simple as growing a house plant using any old soil and ambient light from the room.
  12. that my friend, is the best part ;)

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