seriously, Fuck the police...

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  1. hi everyone, before i start writing i'll let you know that my english is not the best cause i speak french but i'll do my best!

    So tonight, i was going to my home just after getting off the job like every sunday.I'm on the highway where the speed limit is 55. i'm going to about that speed and i see on the side of the road a lot of light of police and towing truck. i'm thinking no big deal just a accident and it was on the side of the road so the whole lane is clear.

    There is a guy in front of me who just fucking slams the brake into my face like he was going 55 and slowed to about 20 so my car being old and not having the best brake i avoind him by passing him in the other line but it was very sketchy.a car was coming the other way but i have enough time to pass no a bit in schock and not 1000 feet further i see those fucking light in my back you know the red and blue one. so anyway he comes to my window i have my paper ready and he start bitching that what i made was dangerous. its not like i dont know but i avoided an accident so i tought it was not that bad. he goes in his car and do his thing.

    he comes back to me with a 438 dollar ticket so im fucking pissed. the ticket is for putting other life into danger and property. im like wtf is that so i continue the rest of the way to my home.when i arrive i look on the ticket and see that i lost 4 point on my liscence and i still have my probatory so thats all my points!!!!

    now im just paniking cause i need my car to go to school and my city don't have the bus so i'm fucking stuck and all my friend live far in an other city. i don't know what to do the problem is not really the money that i need to give to those pigs cause i have some money saved up but it stiil a lot of money for a student. the fact that i just lost my liscence is the worst of all. sorry its was a bit of a rant but i had to get it off my chest for tonight!
  2. Fight the ticket? If you told them what happened you can obviously get off the hook.
  3. In the words of notorious rap group N.W.A.: "FUCK THE POLICE"
    In the words of the Las Angles Police Department: "Fuck you right back! You're under arrest, *****!"

  4. well i don't know i told the officer that guy guy in front of me slamed his break he told me it was my fault for not slowing down but it was a very sudden braking. and if i fight the ticket and loose will there be more consequences or ill just be olblige to plaid guilty?
  5. thats shitty dude id fight the ticket
  6. You can pay the ticket, and then try to get a hardship lisence, or fight it like some of the others have suggested. If you lose, though, you'll pay your fine and court costs on top of it. That really sucks, man. :(
  7. Don't let this slide. Fight the ticket in court. The state does not deserve your money.
    All you have to do is get the cop to testify that he was ridiculously far away and could not have possibly seen what really happened. You have a very good reason for doing what you did and therefore getting the ticket dropped altogether. No fine, no points on your license.
  8. I agree dude, fight it. None of any of my friends have EVER lost in court fighting a ticket. Your license is worth it.


  9. Always fight 'em. Worst case scenario on this one, you have to pay the ticket anyway...
  10. and next time don't drive so close to the[​IMG]
  11. Im not sure about where you live, but they just passed a law here that you must either change lanes, or reduce your speed to 20 under when a crusier is pulled over. Just a hunch your town has this too.
  12. well i live in canada i never heard anykind of law like that

    also thanks a lot guys for the answers i appreciate it! the cop was a real asshole after thinking about it today i think the cop gave me that ticket beacause he tought i just shifted the guy on a double lane for no reason but who is retard enough to shift a car on a double lane when theres cop like 30 feet behind you. I was trying to explain the cop that i was trying to avoid him because i didnt have enough time to brake but he wont listen to me. I decided that ill fight it but the cops where 2 in the car so its both of their parole against mine so...anyway ill try my best to keep my liscence cause this is pure bullshit.
  13. [ame=]YouTube - Pineapple Express - Fuck The Police[/ame]
  14. I'm not sexually promiscuous, I don't like the police ethic, but I wouldn't fuck them whether they wanted it or not.

  15. that guy looks mad as hell, anyway its stupid shit to get tattoo, hard ass now arrested

  16. 'Comin' straight from tha underground
    (Listening to the song when this thread popped up;))

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