seriously fuck girls

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  1. so ive been chillin with this girl for a couple weeks now. ive known the whole time that shes had a boyfriend but since the beginning shes been tellin me how hes bein a douche and how they always argue and stuff. i never really expected her to leave her guy for me but weve been vibin and its pretty obvious that we like eachother.

    today she tells me that shes an awful person for leading me on, and that she wants us to be friends and ultimately not fuck shit up with her current relationship. as much as it hurts i understand that shit, but then i ask her why she cant leave him if she likes me, and she tells me shes fucking everything up between us because she cant because he'll kill himself. im pretty sure its not an excuse and she knows that both of us suffer from severe depression, but i just dont get how she can trap herself like that.

    idk blades im just bummin and rantin, in a shitty situation. anyone got any choice words that might bring me some subliminal insight? off to burn a what-could-have-been blunt.
  2. she's hella insecure, for starters. if she's gonna succumb to a lie like that then she probably wouldn't even be good for a relationship.

    that sucks though. just keep talking to her and be friends. things will go upwards from there.
  3. Fuck girls that lead you on. She isn't worth your time
  4. If you do literally just what the title of your thread is, and leave everything else out of it and forget about everything else, sh!t will be much simpler for you haha. And it will probably get you to where you want to be right now through this method cuz girls are dumb, feel me
  5. My husband did that shit. The night I left, he was talking about his dad's rifles. They never had any ammo in the house. He's married with a baby now. Move on. You'll be better off for it.
  6. Thought I was in that situation recently, until she broke up with him :hello:

    Still not a fun situation as I'd rather met her when we were both single as I know she's obviously not 100% over him yet.
  7. sounds like she is definitely not worth your time.

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