Seriouse Spider Mite Infestation!!!

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  1. I have Pix of the plants up on a different thread of mine. So one just up and died one day and I had no idea why. Well yesterday I found out why... There where what seemed to be Millions of Spider Mites attacking my baby... One is worse than the other 4 but they are all infested. This is an inside grow. But I brought them in from outside so it musta came with them more than a month ago... I have placed these 3-5 foot plants in the shower for hours sprayng them with super deluted bleach water and warm-hot water showers. This seems to be helping some but they are still there mostly under the leaves now. Some of my plants are budding alot growing lots of crystals so i dont want to spray too much on them so close to harvest.

    Is there anything else besides neem oil or the bleach? could I bomb my closet or room? Or something Organic perferably, They have been grown 90% organic so i'd like to go that way.
  2. boil 4-6 cloves of garlic, and 1 teaspooon of dishsoap...straing into a spray bottle.... spray your plants.... wait like 10-15mins, wash plants off.... repeat....
  3. Try finding any insecticide with Spinosad. I use a product called Monterey Garden Insect Spray.
    It is a bacteria that is rated organic, and it colonizes on the plant. It kills most leaf eating insects, including mites. I use 2 TBSP per Quart with a wetting agent like DM's Penetrator or AN's Wet Betty.

    Use every 7-10 days and it will kill any hatching mites. It usually will kill the insects within 1-2 days.

  4. Hi Guys,

    Chunckydaddyo can you tell us how much wetting agent your mixing with your Monterey Insect Spray.

    I think I'd like to use this as a preventitive maintanance program.:)

    Thank You.
  5. Hi Agonz, how did things work out for you? Hope it got better.
  6. If you use Penetrator, the recommended dosage is 60ml/2 tbsp per liter/quart. Wet Betty is much more only need 1-2 ml/1/4-1-2 Tsp per liter/quart. If you can find Agri-2, which is the one I use, 30-35 drops per liter/quart is all it takes.

    Any wetting agent will do.......just follow directions and remember per lit/qt instead of gallon. You can Google surfactants/wetting agent and find a whole list of different ones that may be geographically available to you.
  7. I had two plants with those nasty fuckers. One is stunted and in a secluded spot outside it was a month into flower. The other one was still in veg and i cured the problem with Organicide from Lowes and daily spraying of water to keep the humidity up. I also cleaned the area well and treated with diatomecious earth. Also I moved outside for two days while I cleaned and picked up a jumping spider, that little guy is fun to watch jump branchh to branch, hes beeen there for over a week and I dont have ant new damage. If you werent flowering, it wouldnt be that hard, but my only experience with killing mites on flowering plants is the stunted growth.
  8. Thanks for the info Chunkydaddyo.:)

    I've been shopping around online, and it does seem I can get some cheaper wetting agents, ( Wet Betty and Penetrator seem kind of pricey.)

    Anyway, thanks again.


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