Serious topic. Music and Bud Growing!

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  1. I have this question and I'd love to here some of the seasoned growers opinions on this. I've heard that plants react to human contact, and alos to music, that they will grow faster and even healthier. So would it be an absloutly crazy idea to play a little music in there with the plants, and if not what music do you think would be best?
  2. necrophagist

  3. I don't think it's crazy at all. I've heard since I was a little kid, play classical music and plants grow faster. I'd say try it out, do a harvest WITH music playing constantly and then one WITHOUT music playing at all. See if theres differences, run with it. I personaly have no idea.

    Random fact? Termites eat thru wood twice as fast while listening to rock music. Snapple fact, must be true.
  4. Someone told me that not all snapple facts are true at all. Some are totally made up and you have to go on the website to find out or something. Lame huh?
  5. I was just talking to my girlfriend the other day about growing marijuana with music playing at 432hz around it, and whether it would have any effect on the plants. Google 432 hz and you'll find some useful information on it. most of it is just morons bitching at each other on forums though.

    The sound of the music really does change, and it is clearer and warmer although a bit slower. I've converted all of the music i have composed over to 432.

    be sure to update this thread if you give it a try
  6. I definetly will, so since i'm going to try what kind of music classical or what?
  7. mythbusters did this and they grew the best with heavy metal
  8. Fuck yeah My favorite!
  9. yea lmao i watched that episode

    metal grew a lil bigger but they put it as plausable
  10. Might as well try right, can't hurt.
  11. Take a cardboard box and fill it with pearlite

    Drop a few basketballs, some tennis balls and some golf balls onto the surface. Heck throw a couple marbles in there too.

    Think of the perlite as the plant structure and the balls as essential nutrients.

    They'll slowly sink in... OR... if you thump the side of the box a bit to get that wave traveling through the perlite, they're going to sink.

    You can play loud music with a lot of base and treble next to the box and the balls will sink in slowly, but faster than without music.

    In other words... if music does indeed help I would imagine it has to do with specific frequencies making things move more fluidly.

    432hz maybe? :)

    I would want to set up several identical grows and subject each to a specific frequency. Sustain the same note throughout the grow. Find out which affects the plant the most noticeably.

    Hopefully someone grows in multiple sound-proof rooms and can give us the data :)
  12. Damn that's cool, I never would've thought about it that way, that makes a shit ton of sense, thanks.
  13. cool post.... induced alot of thinking
  14. my life is ruined.:(
  15. If I were a MJ plant, I would like to listen to Shpongle "Connoisseur of Hallucination's" or maybe " Monster Hit". There is nothing quite like a good buzz & some Shpongle on the head phones.
  16. i would love to try this :)
    We cant really go with the myth buster theory tho cuz no two plants are the same. The one listening to rock music could possibly just have better genes than the other. Unless they are clones, but that wasnt stated.
    But yeah, i recon its got something to do with the frequencies let off.
    I grow in DWC buckets and leave my airpumps on top of the lids. This causes alot of vibrations and ive always wondered if it stimulates the plants thru the vibrations :D

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