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Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone

    Today in Psychology 2 we were going over a worksheet on the Drugs and Alcohol chapter. Our teacher was reading each question then randomly asking a student what they put on their worksheet. When we got to the question about marijuana the teacher read the question, looked around the room while saying "Hmm, let's seeeeeee......Doug, you answer this one...."

    Everyone in that class (except 2 or 3 people) know I'm one of the biggest stoners. So here's the question:

    A. Why is marijuana called a psychadelic? B. What are several effects of using marijuana? C. Which of these effects is the most serious?

    The answers I gave to the class:

    A. Because it distorts the user's perception of the world
    B. Time is distorted, sleepiness, floating feeling, munchies (of course I forgot to put down short term memory loss) :)
    C. Munchies

    When I answered "munchies" as the most serious effect everyone in the class started cracking up. Then my teacher asked me if that really was the most serious effect of using marijuana, and of course I replied "hell yeah, munchies can get expensive....."

    And then a minute after answering that question I heard this chick sitting a few rows away from me telling another chick (who I'm guessing didn't know that I smoke) that I'm a "big pothead"..... you're damn straight I'm a big pothead......
  2. :D

    Your proud to announce to your a big pothead, don't hide in shame.
  3. "(of course I forgot to put down short term memory loss)"


    i wanna be a regonised stoner !!!
  4. No offense to anyone, but I think munchies are for noobs or lightweights. I've been smoking everyday for a few years now and I never get the munchies anymore. If I got munchies every time I smoked, I'd weigh about 700 lbs. lol :D This is just my opinion though.;)

  5. Say wha?! Dude, I get munchies almost every time I smoke pot. Same with all of my friends, most of which have been smoking 3+ years. I don't necessarily get hungry every time I smoke, but whenever I eat after I smoke I never feel full.....

  6. ?!??!?!???!!?!?

    munchies keep me alive, i only weigh 8 stone (50kg, 110lbs) and i rarely get hungry :)
  7. I was just saying that you get used to it after smoking enough. I guess.

    I used to get the munchies a lot, but now I smoke about 5 to 7 bongs a day on weekdays, and 15 to 18 bongs a day on the weekends. Getting high that much kinda drowns out the munchies sensation. My friends smoke about the same as I do and they feel the same way. We just don't get the hungar feeling after smoking anymore.
  8. i no longer get the munchies either......
  9. sometimes i get the munchies sometimes not. If i dont eat anything when i smoke, im fine. But if i start eating something, i cant stop. Its kinda wierd like that.

  10. Yea I totally agree. It went from actually feeling hungry b/c of the pot, to what you said.
  11. I think what happens to me is because my perception of time becomes slower, I kinda forget that I just ate or that I'm already full... so I get bored and head to the kitchen for more. Then about half an hour later I repeat the process.
  12. i always get munchies when i blaze but now i never burn out so thats coo

  13. MooglyGoogly is a sweetpea.

    I've been getting high forever and a day....geez, I really have....anyway, the munchied are easily, I meant's all about mind over munchies...or just drink water. Thirst is easily confused with hunger by the body. What may be hunger is usually dehydration...your body will react when you are even 5% dehydrated and it usually reacts with a sensation of hunger...or tiredness. But, I'm high and off on something, but it isn't a rant so I'll call it a high rambling session.
  14. Same situation with me, although I weigh 140, Im guessing thats because I work out. But I NEVER eat, and the munchies help me with that.
  15. I hate munchies... cause I usually dont have anything to eat at the house and going through the drivethrough makes me nervous when i smell like weed... cause one time it was me and my friends and the retard left the tray on his lap in the back with broken up weed, blunt guts, and more blunts and we had just got out his house taking some bong hits and smoking couple blunts and then smoked 2 blunts in my car and then were at mcdonalds and the guy who took our money went and said something to the manager and the manager went to the window where you get your food and looked at the car i thought and then they were taking way tooooooo long so we dipped out, we thought they were calling the cops... our friend got out the car though and he called us when he got the food and we picked em up lol... but i went to rallys once really high and we ordered like 10 chicken sandwiches and the lady at the window was kool as fuck and was like YOUR HIGH and had us pull around, the dude came out and was like i put xtra maynoanase(sp?) cause the shit is fire like that, thats love right there.. cant stop eating lol
  16. im one of those that dont really get munchies when high, food definatly tastes better tho.

    its funny, before i started smoking i was chubby, then when i started to toke i lost a whole hell of a lot of weight, i guess it just took my mind off of food, and on to better things
  17. damn i always get munchies
    if i smoke for a few days wothout stopping i dont but ive changed to a weekend smoker meaning i dont have enough money and get them each time but i do get hoigher
  18. I am officially the munchie-master. I remember a few times working late at college, my buds and I would smoke then come back in, hit up the caf, and go back to work. Everyone knew what we had just done (obvious by the piles of food we'd bring back) but we had no shame. The best part was successfully convincing a few virgin smokers to join us - good times :D.

    The best though was smoking up with our prof (but thats off topic - i'll save for another time)

    RMJL, thanks for the water suggestion. I'll try that next time.

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