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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by lazycrazy, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Hey all

    I'm a couple weeks before staarting my 2nd grow and i have decided i want to grow chronic. I'm wondering whether any1 knows a respectable seed bank where i can buy chronic from, and if possible i'd like this seed bank to be in the UK and have no reference of words like seeds, cannabis etc on their name (on the envelope). Any1 has any ideas?
  2. stick with my homie drchronic
  3. Also not sure I'd recommend the strain. Chronic's Revenge gave me a much better yield than SER Chronic did. Doc's was a much heavy feeder, faster grower and really put on the weight in the end. So far my results with SER's version has been low feeder/easily burned, compact growth (reducing light penetration) and the list goes on.
  4. Hmm, i've searched a lot about this strain and up until now i've found only good reports, but ofc i'll take yours into consideration as well. Its so hard to decide what to grow with so many strains out there. Anyways, the reasons i chose chronic is because it doesnt branch out a lot and develops one huge main cola, making big yields possible by packing up to 12 females in 1 sq m. Also it's supposed to be quite potent.
    What was your setup and yield per plant?
  5. I tried Drchronic @ my first grow but i never got anything. I'm pretty sure tho that my cash was stolen @ the post office, still it was a painful experience being my 1st grow and all, so now i'm hesitating a bit to order from drchronic.

    Back then i made another order to white label and the envelope arrived but i cant say it was vert stealthy. There was nothing on the outside to indicate the contents but once you moved the envelope you could hear the beans inside, it was ridiculous. Do you guys know if this is how every1 sends a "stelthy" envelope?

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