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  1. 1 do these plants drink more in flowering and I just did a water change yesterday and it seems like I'm missing at least 15 gallons I c no leaks n floor ain't wet plz help me

    2 I have co2 regulator with a hose with holes in it I ran it right under light kinda attached to light I now got it above lights by ceiling is this ok what do u suggest
  2. Yes they will use more water and nutes in flowering. They are really putting effort in to try to reproduce (hopefully you have no males around for pollination though).
    As for your CO2, it should be fine. Carbon dioxide in pure form has a higher molecular density then the mean density of the gases that compose air, hence CO2 sinks.
  3. No, no males all female clones but really 20 gallons in 2 days I I'm gonna force run it to make sure no leaks
  4. How many plants? How big are they? What is the temp in the room where your res is?
  5. 12 plants fairly big,its warm Idk temp in room but its WARM I run my lights @ night cuz its pretty warm in My state right now and my res is located same room

  6. Yes, with 12 full size plants they could easily drink that much.

    When I did soil, by that point in flowering, in 3 gal pots, I was at a gallon a day... per plant.

    I wouldnt bother to check for leaks, if you leaked 15 gallons of water, you would know;)

    I would check your temps and humidity, there is a chance you are too "dry" and hot.:D
  7. What should I do? I find that if the door is left open the temp is great, I rent so cannot go adding ventilation ducts n shyt like that. I do notice condensation on my co2 regulator where the ball floats up
  8. Using alot of water shows that your plants metabolic processes are functioning well. With CO2 added to the room bud production increases but not without alot of light. Also air temp must be increased to stimulate a faster metabolism on the plant (I try to keep 82-86). However the plants need to keep their internal temp lower so they use more water. I would move the res out of that room. You want you res water temp in the mid to upper sixties to compensate for high air temps. If you do this you should also see increased growth rate in your plants due to a healthier root zone. This may also help with humidity because a big ol bucket of water in a hot room makes for high humidity. Humidity should be between 45%-56%. If you still have humidity issues a dehumidifier will solve that but will also add heat so most people go with a dehumidifier and a/c combo. If you are renting and can't go crazy don't sweat it if you can get close you'll still have good results. Just remember attention to detail regarding the basics is way more important that tricks and magic nutes.
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    2nd grow I can move rez but right now its not a option.I have a relative staying w me for a bit Door open seebmms to be working good its upstairs anyway temps in res is 30celsius

    I do have a a/c that's going In there soon

    Even when I do move it ill have hose running through my hallway
  10. Sorry, didnt realize you were celsius. Ok 30 is a good air temp to stimulate the metabolic rate, but if the res is in the same room it's gonna equalize to the same temp. You want you res water temp to be more like 17-20. If you are using alot of water, topping off you res with cold water everyday might be enough to bring down the temp. If not try frozen bottles. Fill a 1 liter soda bottle half way with water, freeze it with the cap off, replace the cap and tie a string around the neck. Hanging it in the res will bring the temp down. Just be careful not to go too low or you'll shock the roots. But ideally you will want to move the res to save yourself all the hassle. Remember warmer water holds less oxygen which is needed for a healthy root zone.
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    Thanx the ppm meter I use measures in celsius, I use farenheit like the rest of US. 30 celsius=86 faranheit I got 3 two liter bottles freezing right now. Should I hang it in the rez or just drop it in let it float and Idk how hot the room gets but I been leaving the door open cuz when its closed Def feel like it 85 to 95 I'm running two 1000 lamps n yes I am running co2.
  12. I topped off with cold water I got bottles freezing while I'm in class lights come on at 8:00pm ill take res temp again its nice n bubbly tho from 2 air stones n u can Def smell bud lol n its only 2.5 weeks in flower
  13. I'd hang it just for convenience, but I guess you'll have the same result either way. Try one bottle first and add more if needed. Remember not to low. Mid eighties is good for room temp as long as your CO2 is between 1,200-1,500 ppm. After 90 deg. Growth will slow to a crawl no matter how much light and CO2 you have. At 95 growth stops completely as your plants will go into survival mode and shut down cellular production. Temps, lighting, humidity, CO2, oxygen at the root zone and pH. These are your main environmental factors. Remember these are way more important than your nutrients cause if their out of wack no nutes in the world can help cause your plants just won't use them.
  14. By the way, that's a great pic. With a little tweaking you should do very well.
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    Thanx I'm thinking bout moving the res as I've been thinking the buckets don't need to move just the res so I just need longer hose to control unit from res my landlord don't come over but shyt girls n shyt might be lil curious as to y I got black hoses running through hallway to big Ass bucket in my bedroom right?unless maybe I cut a hole through closet wall n grow room.wall.I can just say its a clothes bin haha
  16. Update not to good I got it down to 80degrees w one bottle I just dropped 2 in is there anything else I can do Imma have to run this ac huh
  17. Do you have any closets on the other side of the walls of your grow room. If so you could put the res in the closet and just put the fill and drain hoses through the wall. Looks like you got a C.A.P. ebb and grow so the hoses are only 5/8". Small enough that a quick swipe of joint compound would patch it easily. Besides, if your landlord did come in and look you'd probably have bigger problems than those two little holes, unless of course he partakes. Just be careful not to hit any wiring cutting those holes. Oh yeah, you will also need a third hole and extension cord for the fill pump. By the way, where is your air pump?
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    Yeah but all my clothes n shyt r in that closet I do have a spare room no adjacent closet it in use but I can put it in there n say tough titty u don't pay no bills around here n that would prolly annoy them n hurry their moving process lol or I would just leave it in hallway, I can put the ac in, if I do have to extend the hose I will need a upgraded pump probably as well right
  19. Got it moved I'm going to try adding some ice or something
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    I earlier it worked great rez was at 68 faranheit now its at 74 I'm freezing 2 litres as we speak,also added a small room AC for now to try n drop temps in there a lil bit but eveything seems.go be going good I can see my roots coming out pot they are not slimy at all n a lil off white looks more dirty than rotten,

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