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Serious question about withdrawal - please help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mcaaron, May 4, 2004.

  1. Please help me out.

    I became a regular MJ smoker during the month of April
    (about a gram a day...). I quit last week when I had some visitiors and about 48 hours after quitting I had severe nausea. Basically, I couldn't eat anything and felt like throwing up for 3 days. I finally smoked again, and felt much better. My mother (who was visiting) thought that I had a fever... but I'm wondering if I experienced withdrawal symptoms.

    I've always thought of MJ as a harmless drug, but I'm very concerned that I'm addicted. I know the documented symptoms include nausea and loss of appetite... but my experience was very scary.

    I have a major vacation coming in 6 days and I need to be healthy -- therefore I've quit again.

    My question... did I experience withdrawal? Has anyone experienced similar effects? How long will they last? What can I do to ensure that I'm healthy for my vacation?

    Thanks for all of your help!
  2. you were probably just sick man. marijuana isn't physically addictive, it wouldn't make you sick. but then again i believe in mind over matter, and if you were mentally addicted then you could have 'told' your body to get sick and it did what it was told.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I don't think I was mentally addicted -- I've always believed that I am in control of my usage.

    Anyone else? Thoughts? As you can I tell, I'm very nervous about this.
  4. mental adiction definately exists with pot, though I admit it is not severe . . . most likely not severe enough to make that response. You most likely caught a stomach bug. Let us know how round 2 of sobriety goes.

    You most likely felt better after smoking because - it does indeed help nausea a lot, and create appetite . . .
  5. I have a friend that is psychology addicted to weed. He cant sleep without it and if he doesnt smoke he cant fall asleep.
  6. Before my stash ran out, I did a little willpower test. I rolled a joint put it away, and went one day without it. Teasing myself with the joint, learning how weak I've become.

    When I finally ran out yesterday, I was just fine with it.

    Of course I probably won't be able to sleep, and like always I have no appetite. Exercise will fix that though.
  7. i dont think its addictive, im thinking if you wernt smoking at the time before you were feeling "sick" it could have been there the whole time but when you toke it increases appatite and helps with nausea.... and if your getting the reverse effects after stoping you body might have just been used to it and was reacting the only way it knows how... to piss you off!! its saying "keep smoking, its good for you" hehe not really good... but not bad i guess...
  8. There is a slight physical addiction to marijuana. It normally isn't nearly as bad as you described. When I quit, I wasn't quite as hungry for a few days (imagine that, no munchies!) but it wasn't really an issue because I wasn't eating a lot anyways with as much as I worked.
  9. marijuana is both physicaly and mentally addictive (guess it depends on the person)... some people go through withdrawl ...but its not nearly as bad as other drugs

    ...maybe just a little irritability and some loss of sleep...

  10. this is true. No matter how many times you will be told contrary weed is NOT physically addictive. However it IS true that you can have a psychological dependence on weed...but this is no different then a videogame or TV "addiction," if u want to call it that. Because I might be tested I am currently on my 4th clean day after smoking several times daily for longer than i can remember (really, i can't remember the last day i went w/o smokin b4 this break!), and during the day it is bearable but hard, and at night I've had trouble sleeping every night since I've been clean. This is because I usually smoke till I'm so tired that I just pass out. But this is merely because i"m not used to feeling normal...
  11. "I don't think I was mentally addicted"
    which is.. as i hear from like everywhere, the only kind of addiction there is with buddah.

    on a side note... man i am addicted to this game called the specialists. for real. if i don't get to play all day i get an urge like "AHHH MUST PLAY" lol. i mean, this game (also my computer in general) keeps me from crashing at friends' houses and shit like that. if i can't have that game there to play for an hour at least before it's time to go to sleep, all is not right with the world. :D
  12. well damn thats weird taht you got sick or whatever. A gram a day shouldn't be that hard to quit from but i dono it mostly just depends on the person. Whenever i have to quit for a couple weeks or months or something i usually just get really defensive and irritable for about a week or two and i smoke about a 1/16 or close to an 1/8 a day. I would say you should be fine and whatevber it is won't last long
  13. Thanks to everyone for your insights.

    I went to a doctor, and I'm pretty sure that I caught a stomach bug. I was very sick for about a week, although I'm on the mend now.

    I believe my problem was caused by smoking while sick, getting an appetite, and then filling myself with lots of food. Big mistake! I'm going to stay clean until I (and my stomach) fully recover.

    I'm so relieved to know that I didn't experience any major withdrawal symptoms... I'm going to Amsterdam next week for the first time, and I'm not sure what I would have done for three days without MJ!

    Thanks again everyone.

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