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Serious question about resin...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RedNeck Budz, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. ok, i dont smoke resin hardly ever, and recently i found myself cleaning my pipes and making nice resin balls. i started smoking on them and after a few days ive been coughing up this disgusting brown stuff. tastes like really bad as well. is this normal? or is it harmful in anyway? drop some knowledge on me please 

  2. just like smokeing anything that produces smoke there will be tar....i smoke cig's and spit out black or brown looking loogie in the i would say its normal...
  3. @[member="cpt TeTra"] cool man thanks. i was just making sure. i smoke a LOT of bud but never started coughing until after smoking the resin. so i was a bit concerned. if you turn resin into hash does that change any of its elements? taste/ smell/ effect?
  4. no matter what if u smoke it it will taste bad but if u make say butter too cook with or make coconut butter capsule
  5. @[member="cpt TeTra"] ok cool. yea i was gonna try to make some butter. waiting for flowering stages.
  6. Ew... Yeah I dunno about that man. I smoke marijuana exclusively, daily, for about two years, and I don't cough anything up. If that resin is doing that to you I'd suggest you quit smoking it because that's gross. Yeah, in my experience I've not noticed any reduced lung capacity or short-windedness, and my lungs seem to be strong as ever... Also, I know a few more seasoned tokers with 10, 20, even some with 30+ years smoking weed, and they don't complain of lung issues either, so I'd probably lay off the resin balls if I were you.
  7. yea im thinkin thats what im going to do. but what could i use it for then? i dont wanna just waste it. 
  8. Well... I suppose you could dissolve them in alcohol and that would improve them a tiny bit.. they'd become part of a QWISO. sometimes my friends use resin to glue broken bowls together... I'm not sure. Personally, I throw out all my ash and I just wash my pieces in alcohol and salt or acetone, so all the resin just goes down the drain.

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  9. so u never had any use of resin? nothing at all?
  10. Hmm... nope not really! I dunno, perhaps if somebody posts any good uses I'd consider it lol. Sounds pretty gross though so far... :S

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  11. yea it was kinda gross. and it was giving me this.. hacking cough.. it sucked. guess ill just stick to the weed. 
  12. Resin balls suck. Ninja balls are cool B)
  13. I tried to use my hair straightener to make resin and had no material except a flatten piece of weed. I used street weed and medical marijuana. Any advice on what I did wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. you forgot to add baking soda and water and stirr it up a bit in your mobile home.
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  15. Yeah, you tried to make rosin using a hair straightener.

    Get a real press.
  16. You should post this question in your own thread. The answers you get are because you are trying to jack another persons thread. You don't get to complain about the answers received. Please take your lumps and leave the room. Thank you.
  17. Smoking resin (not rosin) is nasty. Please throw that stuff away. I've smoked for over 40 years and I don"t cough up any nasty black crap.
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  18. Thank. Just ordered one
  19. Well I'm not out to jack someone's thread. I'm new to this site so maybe you can talk to me like an adult and just explain what I should have done. You think you answering with a nasty comment is right ? Its people like you who think there are so mighty and can boss us newbies around instead of just explaining the correct way Don't comment in any of my threads or questions and that would be just great.
  20. Coughing up brown stuff doesn't sound normal to me, it can't be good for your lungs.

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