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Serious question about detox drinks

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Blażeitup420, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. So I have an internship this summer that starts may 10th. It is extremely important for my future that I pass the drug test that I know they will give me. I was wondering what strategy you guys would recommend I go about if I want to pass this. Money is not an option (as long as it is less than $200).

    Also I've been a daily smoker for 3 years.
  2. Quit smoking until then would be the best, I have heard that the drinks are hard to get down because they taste awful.
  3. Quit ~half a month before and drink a lot of water/work out. Its gonna be hotter then to so you'll need the water.
  4. ^ No quit a month and a half at least. Half a month really won't do too much. I know everyone is different but almost everyone says at least a month. When I was toking for months on end it took a month and a week to get clean, Almost 2 weeks. And you said you've been toking daily for 3 years.

    And I worked out almost everyday. It's in your best interest to quit for a month and a half. Like you said you HAVE to pass so seriously don't cut corners... You WILL get fucked if you stop half a month before the test.
  5. just a fyi.. often pre employment drug screening is pretty strict.. Not the type of testing you want to play games with so if you are just a recreational smoker I also have to suggest.. just stop smoking for a bit.
  6. Better safe than sorry, follow this guy's advice ^^^
  7. what if im less than 10% bodyfat
  8. Listen to Xblunt-manX, he knows what he's talking about. THC is very slow to exit your body if you are sedentary and overweight. You need to stop TODAY and make sure you push your body hard. A lot of detox drinks..... tend to make your body fight against itself. A lot of them aren't even regulated so you never know if you can get an adverse reaction to one. There is no cleanser. There is only time and exercise. THC stores itself in fat cells, so the less fat cells you burn the more THC goes with it. However, those excess THC metabolites will find themselves floating in the bloodstream. This is where water comes into play. That's when you need to piss it out.

    If you're less than 10% body fat it depends on how often you work out and how high your metabolism is. It also depends on when you have to take the drug test. If its soon as in two weeks - I doubt you have a fighting chance since you've been smoking for three years. If its in a month, then you need to start working out tomorrow.
  9. so can you get high just by burning fat?
  10. Some of your questions might already have been answered or would probably be answered faster if you posted this in the official drug test thread.

  11. IMO you should quit for 2 weeks and see if that gets you clean and if ur not stay away from it till u are test yourself every week or 2 to see if your good. If its really important to your future quit now just to be safe.

    And i used to have to get drug tested in high school when i first started but i did this until i found ways to pass. also i am a daily smoker 3 times a day. :smoke:

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