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  1. I fucked up, I interrupted my light for the past week because I'm a tard. My lights have been Turing off for 15 minutes, at 2seperate times while in my 12 hours of light. How long does til chlorophyll knows its night? And when do the night cycle hoarmoans kick in? How bad did I stress them. I know the dark cycle is the one to worry about but did I lose some decent yield with my dumb mistake?
  2. No need for you to worry my friend. Small interruptions of the light will do no harm other than the missed energy. Interrupting the dark is what will cause major problems. So. Don't worry Be happy.Mj
  3. Excellent to hear! How about the effect on my plants from the missed energy? Did I starve them much?Sent from my XT907 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    "My lights have been Turing off for 15 minutes, at 2 separate times"
    From that? Dont overthink this.
  5. Thanks guys! I am truly a worry wart, last crop herm'd on me so I don't want that again... but I'll post some pics soon for everyone! Few more weeksSent from my XT907 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. having interuptions in the light cycle can be a good or bad  thing in my book.  with most indoor strains any light interuption during the night time stage is very bad and can cause hermi flowers.  Some people say this is good because you potentiall can bread with another female and get about a 99.9% ratio of feminized seed from that.  The bad, you get seeds in your product at the end. Not so important when you have an interuption in your day time hours though,  that i wouldn't worry to much about.  If you ever need to go into your garden at night I would suggest using a green light.  Something about that spectrum doesn't interupt the night light spectrum.

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