Serious problem! Need help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ThatOneBro, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. So first off allow me to apologize for the obnoxious title, this is actually really urgent.

    So I have two seeds germinating, one using the water method, the other using the paper towel method. I've had the paper towel one sitting by my vent so it's warm, it's shaded, and when I open it, it's very humid and warm (perfect conditions). It's been like that for almost two days, and no signs of a root are showing. The one in water has been in for a couple of hours.

    Also, tomorrow night I leave for a snowboarding trip and return Tuesday night. I don't want the seeds to begin their roots and then have me just not there to plant them, so what should I do? Should I just plant them now and pray they've sprouted by the time I come back? Or should I leave them as they are for now? I don't have my daylight cfls just yet but I'd like to keep them on just in case the first leaves appear while I'm away. So any advice? Thanks for the help.
  2. I would just plant it, just like if you were to just skip pre planting germination.

    Make sure it is all moist before you leave and place a baggy up over the cup or w/e to hold in the moisture. Place in a warm spot.

  3. If the area's being warmed by a light bulb would that be good enough?

  4. If it is contained and the relative room temperature isn't cold then it should be fine.

    This is where a seedling heating mat comes in handy.

  5. it's in a cardboard box.. in a cabinet... in my basement. which is cold. So I suppose i'll be heating it with that then aha
  6. With that much containment, it should build a fair bit of warmth and be fine till you return. Might even greet you when you come back :D

    Also, when you say cold... how cold...?

  7. eh... it's a finished basement, so not as cold as an unfinished one. I'd say about... 5-10 degrees cooler than my upstairs/main floor so... 60 at its lowest? It has a heater but i'm not going to leave that running at risk of ridiculous electricity bill. And haha yeah I sure hope it does! But I don't even have my lights! D: hopefully they'll come relatively quickly or I can use the other daytime bulbs for minor vegging until I get the CFls :p
  8. 60 at its lowest should be fine. These bitches grow outside in the elements with no help, so I'd say it is ok.

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