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    So, I got into a wreck and the cop determined no fault. Anyways the lady i got in the wreck with is now trying to get my insurance to pay for her car.

    I called the cop to see if i could get the report and to make sure no tickets were written, And he said no.


    he wants me to call him in the morning and meet up with him...And i dont know why...

    Why in the hell would this cop want to see me in person?!?!

    Heres the full story:
    So today i got into a crash, That was determined "no Fault" but im on a permit, Because of a second drug charge i recieved a while back. So they revoked my license for a year, I have two months.

    Anyways! heres the sitaution.

    I was in the lane closest to the right turn lane, But i wasnt actually in the turn lane.

    A lady in a red Saturn SKY was in the turn lane.

    So im ahead of her and shes in a turn lane, Which means she is going to turn at the next intersection.

    Well next intersection passes and im in the middle of that intersection.

    So i decide i need to get out of the intersection, So i start to get into the turn lane that turns in a shopping center, And is about...200FT from the intersection.

    So as im turning out, All the sudden i hear a BEEEEEEPPPPP

    Its the dumb bitch in the saturn that was supposed to turn at that intersection.

    I swerve to get out of the way and she does to.

    Too late....

    BAM her headlight connects with the End on my Push bar and it just rips a line all the way through car, From headlight to Tail

    So we pull over, I offer her 300 dollars upfront and to call me if she needed more, She didnt like that idea.

    She tells me she is sick of people bashing into her, And that she has 2 DUI priors, So she is going to call the cops.

    By now im freaking, im on a permit, ive got a friend with me who is underage, But he has his license.

    So the cop comes, Takes my permit and my friends license, and my TEMP registration.
    (I didnt have my insurance card with me but i assured him i was insured)

    So the cop goes to the car, And comes back to me with one ticket. No proof of insurance and disobiance of a lane change.

    But AH! i find my insurance card, Give it to the cop and the cop takes my ticket and says, Alright man have your friend drive and have a good day. TICKET FREE!

    my Land Rover is fine. Her car is fucked!
  2. That is a little weird but can you refuse to meet him? what are the consequences to not meeting him. It could be that he wants to issue the ticket for the illegal lane thing, to lazy to look back at your original citation, but either way you are going to get that citation if its meant to go to you. Mi swell take care of it asap right?
  3. I'm so confused lol.

    First of all, this seems very very familiar. Didn't I just read a story almost exactly like this on this forum yesterday? lol.

    Other than that, the cop said it was nobody's fault? If there is an accident, how did nobody screw up? lol.

    I will check back to see why the cop wants to see you in person, because that's weird as hell.
  4. I did post this yesterday, and originally he gave me a Disobidence of a lane change, But he took the ticket back and never gave it to me again. And i had to call him. He didnt call me. So it seems i might have just fucked myself. She was speeding, and i cut a lane...So we either both get tickets or nobody does.
  5. Okay thank you for clarifying, I thought I was going crazy for a second :p

    Interesting, I don't know how that plays out. It sucks that she wasn't cool with taking the cash and trusting that you'll give more if needed :(
  6. That does seem odd.

    Maybe just call him and be like "my schedule is really busy, I'd like to know what this meeting is about before I commit to it" or something.

    Who knows, it could be something really dumb like you need to sign something, or he wants to ask you out on a date. never know. :hide:
  7. To the OP, just how badly do you want out of this ticket ;):p

    I remember I was watching Becker before and the one guy tried to get out of a ticket, and he ended up scheduling a date with the male cop without realizing what he did lol.
  8. This cop was so chill! like he amazed me! now im kinda worried, Cause i got to get my car speakers installed tomorrow and i got a date! So i cant be going to jail or nothing like that lol.
  9. Maybe he was trying to play good cop, bad cop. Unfortunately he was alone that day so he had to space out his personality over two days. Prepare for a "fuck you" from him lol.
  10. your a woman? this thread fails, i feel like i'm trying to read a 14 year olds diary and he doesn't even have the order of events in sequence.
  11. for 'serious police advice' I would seek the counsel of a licensed law practitioner. (Get a lawyer dood)

    As for the cop wanting to meet with you, highly suspect, he should be asking you to come to the dispatch/station or to the court. Not just meet up with him. Very strange indeed.

    If your driving a LR you can afford an attorney, or at least get some advice from one.
  12. No what the hell makes you think im a woman?

    The new post is bold, The stuff not bolded is what happened.

    And yea it could be there, But who knows...He didnt specify

    Hey wow the 50th person to Assume im rich because i drive a LR...

    A 1998 Land Rover discovery I that costed 4000 doll hairs.
  13. LMFAO

    Sorry, that was a bad assumption.

    Don't have to be condescending though.

    Your asking for legal advice on a forum. Kinda shows the level of effort your willing to put into this so don't be mad at a bunch of stoners for not cracking the case for you. Sheesh.

    Here, take this \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t[​IMG].
  14. Im not super worried about it, And i didnt mean to sound like an asshole or anything. Your good man, I could see how the Land Rover name could throw some people off.

    Thanks for the chill pill....Wait is this laced?!?! OMFG im TOO CHILL!
  15. I hope everything works out for you brother, I wish I could be more helpful.

    Best wishes, positive vibes your way.
  16. I can guarantee you wont go to jail, I live in the mile high too if you go to jail ill pack you a bowl.

    It is kind of weird though.
  17. May of spoke to soon...

    So it sounds like the officer is going to write me the ticket for Unsafe Lane Change. I called him and he tells me he wants to meet somewhere in Denver (his juristiction) so he can talk about the accident...Sounds like im getting a court date today :( I just pray he doesnt write anything over 5 points.
  18. Yeah dude, I don't know why they do that shit. This one cop kept calling my boyfriend's mom everyday for a month straight telling her to have him call. Well, he didn't want them to have his cell so when he found the time he called on his mom's phone.

    They did the same shit, "Oh, we have something of yours is there any way we could just meet?" My boyfriend was like sketched out about it so he just told the cop he was busy. Finally, the cop gave up and told him that they had money from 1999 that was apparently taken off a hooker and belonged to him. Well, it wasn't his because in 1999 he was 13.

    I think the cops just want to scare you, or maybe they are trying to be cocks. I wouldn't go in. Sounds like a bad idea!
  19. Can they really do anything if you go? I mean it doesn't seem like it should be legal to write a ticket that long after the fact. I would go and see what it's about.....maybe take a tape recorder just to be safe (and post it on GC if shit goes south)
  20. If it was ruled no fault in the report, which you said it was. The, your insurance pays for your damage, hers for hers. she can not win against you, because the report says no fault. you can not win against her, same outcome (no Fault). she can try to sue or get your insurance to cover it, but go to your agnets office and hand him the report.

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