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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by marley, May 15, 2006.

  1. :smoking: ight, i have about 9 plants at the momment under 2 simple fluros and a agrolite bulb (125watt) They have been growin good for about 2 weeks or less untill 2 of my best started to curl up and dry out with a faded color on not only the tips but the whole leaf, i kno its not my fert or anythin cuz ive been givin them all the same dosage so thats not the problem tell what you think and get bac to me .:cool:
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  2. did u over water them or under water them mayb???
  3. at 2 weeks be careful with the fert dosage
  4. Yes.
    Two weeks is too early to fertilize. They really don't need it until week 3.5 or so. Stop fertilizing now they are probably over-ferted. Also 9 plants are an awful lot for those lights. They are probably starting to out grow those lights right about now. Also, what type of soil are these in?
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  5. yea i think thats the problem too im using this no brand potting soil the guy said the stuff is good for tomatoe plants but its prob to early for fert as u guys said, im gonna go to a hydroplonic store downtown and get some organic soil and im not sure about buyin a new bulb cuz i wanna put all of em outside since the summers comin up for NY.
    thanks for the info
  6. smknvtec is right, not to mention what brand of fert are you using?

    also do you know what strain these plants are? or are they bagseed?

    not all strains carry the same amount of tolerance to ferts, not to mention you should not fert your plants before 2 weeks unless your using a week soiless mixture or somekind of severely weakend soil mixture

    not to mention i bet you listened to the directions on the box didnt you?
    you used MG plant food for tomatos by any chance?
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  7. Yay!
    Stitch is back!

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