serious plant problem!!!!!

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  1. the leaves on my plant are turning yellow and tips are turning brown also streaks of brown on leaves, i am guessing a nute burn or deficiency of something not sure, had a look around but didnt find the answer to my prob.
    hope you guys can help me out
    thanks :wave:
    oh and the under leaves are purple for some reason and they feel dry and hard
    wasnt like this 2 days ago just happened :confused:

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  2. Whats your ph at?
  3. i dont know
    dont have a ph meter could that be the problem
    but been using the same water supply since seed
  4. Well it usually takes a couple weeks for ph lockout to show up so the first thing I would do is get a ph test and go from there
  5. and how much should it be
  6. 6.5 - 6.8 I believe is best for soil
  7. Are you using any nutes?
  8. what is your climatte like ? you said its turning purple it could be too cold for them and going into shock, make sure temp are always between 70-85.
    flush them and keep an eye on them, make sure the water is at about 6.0 ph and dont feed nutes for a couple days. the worst thing you can do is keep giving it more nutes to try and help it .
  9. its getting its nutes from the soil and temp is always 25c-28c
    i will buy some ph strips tomorrow and check that but how can i stop the soil from giving it nutes
  10. i did abit of research and correct me if i am wrong but i think it could be a zinc def
  11. i had that happen a little this time around. mine were still stunted seedlings though. threw em in some hot soil and they perked up.
  12. nice guna try that
  13. if your only using the nutes from the soil t could be a nute def. look into the Floranova Grow by General Hydroponics , its cheap and very good!
    your soil really only feeds your plant for the first month or so. But first just try and fush the soil by watering it alot and let the water rinse out .

    besides that just keep them stable they wil get better in a couple of days

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