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serious parental help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bengali548, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. hey guys

    heres the situation

    me and my friends have been smoking weed for roughly a year and a half but for one of my friends the heat started to increase on him starting in september. he uses visine and goes home in a fairly sober state if there would be anything to give him away it would be his pupils because for some odd reason they take AWHILE for his to shrink

    anyways his mom somehow always knows when he smokes, me and all my friends cant figure out how his mom knows but she'll always book him he tried standing his ground but it never works (according to him) so i wanted to know how to COMPLETELY mask the visual effects of marijuana

    we've tried:

    visine, clear eyes but not Rhotos and we've also trie putting more than one drop

    eating a MASSIVE amount and im talking buffet than go to mcdonalds

    physical activity (were in canada so as pathetic as this sounds our physical activity this time of the year is tobagganing and chilling out at parks or walking alot downtown)
  2. your not going to be able to mask anything if his mom can tell when someone is stoned. i wouldn't doubt she's done her fair share of getting high.
  3. well according to him she grew up around potheads which is why she "knows" (i put that in quotes cuz i still have a feeling shes been bluffing)

    anyways hes not really stoned hell always go home sober
  4. He must ACT NORMAL.

    He must remember that no one will have the slightest clue UNLESS he gives them a reason to be suspicious.

    As for the dilated pupils, they construct/expand according to light.
    With a lot of light in your eyes they are small, in the dark they become huge!
    Tell him to look at something with a lot of light(not to stare at a lightbulb, but to look at something that the light reflects off of.

    The most important part to avoid red eyes or cottonmouth, is to stay hydrated during AND after smoking, always have some cold water within reach.

    Hope that answered all of your questions
  5. Luckily for me, my mom is alright with me toking.

    But think about it, you lived with your mom for 18 more or less years, she saw you every day, she knows what you look like, so any differance she will be able to pick out.

    When i smoke my face just looks stoned, its not necessarily my eyes but i just look differant, my mom always knows this.

    Im rarely home, and if i am home im almost never baked, but if i am, she alllwayyss knows.
  6. Either that, or she has def. done her research.
  7. i bet its like your mom knows you smoke and she knows that the people you were with smoke. so she was just putting it together.

  8. If she's "bluffing" she's doin a pretty good job at it. You said yourself in your first post that "she always knows when he smokes"...

    Not all parents are as dumb as you parents and your other friends' parents probably just ain't paying that much attention
  9. okay we usually try and tell him to stare at his itouch on max brightness he says it helps out a bit

    red eyes hes fine with visine works wonders

    ill keep in mind the whole water drinking thing
  10. Just get a vaporizer and hide it. Like those iolite ones. Then your mom will see you high all the time and she won't know the difference. Make sure you use it all the time. Like right when you wake up. Get allergy eyedrops like the Bosch and Lomb allergy ones. At least they are easier on your eyes than visine or rhotos. If your mom asks u any bullshit, just be like "I just woke up, how the hell could I be high". If you play it off well enough, she might get used to it after a while. Its not healthy to be afraid like we get, its only because we have to be scared of ignorant people. You already smoked, might as well enjoy it because theres nothing you can do after your already high. Getting scared over it won't make you come down any quicker.
  11. the thing is ive seen him right b4 he enters his house and i cant tell the difference he looks perfectly fine
  12. #12 TearDownGod, Jan 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 24, 2010
    Have him start doing it so often, and denying it so much, that she can NEVER prove it. She will question her abilities and probably fuck off. If not, tie her up and kill her. She sounds kind of mean.

    edit- And you need to try rhotos. RIGHT NOW.

  13. Best answer :D
  14. Pretend to be high all the time so she starts to think it's normal.
  15. If you walk in your house with suspicious parents and your head is down staring at a phone then that is even worse!!
    Keep your chin up, eyes fully open and focus on something in the direction of what you should be looking at(say a parents face while talking to them) that is pretty bright but not blinding.
    Be confident and take precaution, but not too much or it will arise suspicion as well.
    Above all act normal.
    I could be high anywherer and ihave prepared for it, no one is the wiser
  16. It's a mom thing man.

    I can't even tell when im stoned when i look in the mirror. But sure as hell my mom can.

    Ive been pulled over stoned, cops couldn't tell.

    Tell your friend to have a talk with his mom, when i turned 19, i talked with mine and i basically said, im an adult, i can make decisions for myself, and this is a decision for the best.

    Do you guys all live with your parents? If its really that bad just let you're buddy crash somewhere else for the night.
  17. When I want to eliminate any signs of highness, the first thing I do is brush my teeth thoroughly, floss, and mouth wash. That usually perks up my mouth and my mood. I notice smelling nice helps my morale and self-confidence as well. Make sure to take a walk outside to get all the rank off ya. Hope this helps!
  18. I'm a mom. So when you look guilty of something mom will try and bust you, no matter what you did. We may not always know WHAT you did. BUT we know you did something because you act like you have something to hide.

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