Serious male/female probs

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by irish3384, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. First how long does it take for a male plant to mature enough to pollinate other plants. Also do male plants bud at all and i have small what at first i thought was pollen sacs but now they are just sprouting leaves i think but now i have no idea if its a male or female and how to tell? does anyone have any pictures i can find that will help me with the male female issue. Thanks
  2. The male has small upside down flowers that at first look like small grape clusters, the females have long thin white hairs that poke up. When the flower of the male opens up, the wind and natural vibrations shake the pollen loose. Just as soon as the male flower starts to opne, pollen comes out.

    And if you search back within the past couple of days, someone here has posted a link to male female pics.
  3. female preflowers

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  4. male flowers

    (note: this plant has not yet developed the pollen sacks which hang down from under the nodes)

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  5. ity bity male preflower.

    (all images brought to you via overgrow)

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