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  1. (I know this is long but please read it. I really do need a little advice.)
    Alright well here's the situation..

    I just moved into college and away from the family. I love and miss them very much, but that's not the issue.. at least not entirely. I'll be the first to admit I love to burn, lay back and relax, reflect on good times had and good times to come, what all my bud brothers like to do. I used to smoke a bowl outside my house when the family was asleep, come inside and hop on the 360 or get on the computer or watch TV, just enjoying myself knowing that I was surrounded by the people I love more than anything else on the planet. I just want to reiterate right here and now - this really isn't so much of a "I miss my family" issue than it is other things.

    It's usually a feeling I get when I wake up in my dorm room every morning and it's weird. As the day goes on it starts to fade and eventually it's out of my mind. It's a feeling like, is this where I want to be? Classes haven't even started yet, and believe it or not, I'm looking forward to them, but I still wonder if this is the place for me. See.. like right now for example I'm listening to Clair de Lune and thinking back to spring break of my Junior year in high school when the family and I went to Las Vegas. The best vacation I've ever taken, bar none. We all laughed day in and day out, ate pounds of the delicious food and watched some of the best shows on Earth. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tearing up a little bit right now, although that's not the purpose of the song or this post. It just hurts to know.. times like that will never be had again. Is that the way life's supposed to be? When you move away you move on? Forget your family, the only true love you'll ever have and push yourself to be just like everyone else? God it hurts.

    Well anyway.. like I said this really isn't a depression post, although it's turning out to be like that, hahah. There is a silver lining to this cloud though. I know this'll sound ridiculous but I actually get very good crowd response during local open mic sessions. I love comedy, always have always will and I'm talking with one of the club owners to possibly be a regular. So what I'm saying is there's a way out of this. I could dropout of college to pursue comedy I just have one issue.. how would I get my name out there? I was thinking give it another month or two to prepare my act and then do an open mic stint in the big city (I'm not going to say which, I'd like to stay hidden for now) but I don't know. Move out to California? Anyone have any ideas on this at all?

    Sorry for the novel, I just had to vent. Thanks to those of your who actually read it all and gave some advice. I know it's long but I really could use some help. Thanks again GC, this has been an awesome board in other sections, now I'm just hoping for a little help here, with the comedy but more so condolences and maybe you'll share similar experiences.
  2. I actually really feel for you. I know all to well how hard it is to be missing friends. The only advice I can give you is to tough it out a little longer until your classes start up. Once you get a feel for that, maybe things'll start getting a little better for you. If not, though, I encourage you to pursue your comedy. Life is nothing if you're not doing something you like.
  3. Yeah that happened to alot of people I know, you just got to keep on keepin on... nostalgia is part of growing up, so keep them as beautiful memories but dont try to go back and relive them. You usally dont end up any better, more often disappointed and unable to mature.

    Best of luck with your studies and comedy though... Ive been told to try my hand at stand up so one of these days ill find an open mic
  4. I'm feeling the exact same thing as you man, I moved into college a week ago today, and I have my own apartment but it's not what it's hyped up to be. I miss all my homeboys back home, everyone here just seems so fake, and i'm used to the 'thug' life, not the school life. This is going to be one hard semester, thank god houston is only a 3 hour drive away.
  5. yeah dont worry mang. in a few months that feeling will subside as you adjust to your new life. i know from exp. its hard for awhile but you sink in fast. as for the comedy i say shoot for ir. if thats your dream grab it by the balls and get it. maby stay in school as a back up plan cus you know the entertainment industry aint very reliable. i truly wish you the best of luck brother.

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