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  1. I dont want to come off as a dick or anything by asking this nor do i mean to.
    I just want to know how many people feel that they are very successful in their careers and the drugs have not held them back in anyway.

    This question is especially for people who use lsd but others too.

    Im at the point in my recreational drug life where im not sure if i want to go any further and try new things because my career and my goals are important to me. ( man i sound like a venting faggot)
  2. They're a big part of my success honestly. If I didn't have them I would probably kill myself if I couldn't let out my frustrations from school/job/life or just escape.
  3. if your responsibe you can do any drug youd like
    just respect the drug you take and i think you'll be alright
    moderation is key
  4. Nobody but you can make the choice to do or not to do drug's.It may mess youlife up it may not.Everyone is different.Some c=have the willpower to do Herion once and never touch it again,while other's will keepon doing the drug and not stop.

    If you have good willpower I would say you could possibly get a good career and still do them in moderation.You have said you are in a point in your life where drug's might make a negitive action.If you believe they can then you may not want to be doing them.If you say you CAN have a great life with a good career while still doing drug's you could do it.

    We can only make this answer for ourselve's.I hope you find your way my dude.Much love.
  5. I just dont want anything greatly affecting performace.
    Like im pretty into the spiritual world but hell man the real world is what you gotta live for lol
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    If you do not let the drugs fuck you up, they wont.

    Don't let your use get out of hand or to the point where you are stoned constantly at school, work, etc, unless you can handle your shit. If you procrastinate a lot, toking all the time could lead to not getting a whole lot of work done. Although people say it creates a lack of motivation, it doesn't, but just don't let the only thing you are motivated to do be smoking or doing drugs. Keep it under control and you'll be gravy.

    I can honestly say its great motivation to get your shit done when you have a nice bowl loaded up and waiting right inside your door :D
  7. i think the "if you dont let it take over your life, they wont" theory is only realistically applicable to pot. i see it this way.. i'm going to do drugs, and it may make me taper off from my absolute greatest potential, but i won't let it stop me from obtaining my goals (college, etc). if that means i eliminate the first, most sensible, easiest options and way to go about reaching my goals, fine. ill just fight the long road and find another path that will still get me where i want to be.

    i guess to better explain, sure, i could come home and crank out homework and study really hard and easily obtain straight As, i know i have the intelligence to. instead, i choose to rarely do my homework, spend all my money on pot and other shit and have a great time slacking off, and when its time to kick it into overdrive and bust my ass and pull an all-nighter, i'll do it, because smoking pot won't make me any less determined. if anything, it may make me slightly more arrogant, because i choose to be a procrastinator and minimalist.

    as far as a career, work first play second. or play before work, if it means you can enjoy yourself while still being able to fulfill the expectations and obligations of your job. if you can no longer do your job, then just wait to get high after work. it only makes it that much more rewarding. yes, this applies to coming home, doing homework and then meeting up wit the boys to roll a blunt.

    you can only be truly carefree and relaxed when you throw the weight off of your shoulders and back :smoking:
  8. Hey I have a 3.8 GPA in Pre-Pharmacy Degree.

    I am and was a hardcore drug user. I just excel in school and am able to be fucked up daily.

  9. You sir are one in a million and i give u a thumbs up for being able to use hardcore drugs and at the same time be a productive member of society. But for most people you can not do opiates/crack/meth etc etc recreationally ur whole life without becoming addicted and thats the truth.
  10. I'm probaly not the only one, but when people say stoner's are lazy I just find that to be motivation to prove them wrong.
  11. it all depends on amount of use imo... Also Hardcore drugs are proven to lower your mental activity. look at someones brain that has been addicted to XTC I dont care what anyone says that shit eats holes in your brain.. I know cuz i have them. I also was addicted to meth which beleive me now that ive been off of hardcore drugs for about 3yrs now.. I feel the affects and damages they have done.. granted im still very smart and a funtioning member of society now. I can say that its because i stopped when i did.. 5more years of it and i maybe brain dead/ retarded.. so it all depends on how often u do them..
  12. i smoke about two grams of trees aday im constantly high all day and occasionally do hard drugs, and still manage todo decent in college i got to art school so usually being high and sculpting or painting, or editing photos just makes it easier and more fun, i will say i do procrastinate and there is alot of time when i just want todo nothing but i just budget my time and make sure i get a few things done every day even if thats just going to class and doing homework, if i didnt smoke i can honestly say i might be doing better in college and have alot more material items but i could car less the experience i have gained from smoking alone makes it worth it
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    somtimes when im high i think from an outside looking in point view and somtimes my drug use seems pretty bad but when i think about it just seems nothing to me and i start to feel kinda bad i smoke multiple grams of weed a day and am weekend ecxtasy user but i dont let etheir fuck with my life, (and im sorry if this doesnt make sense this hash has me pretty high)

    edit: ok haha so i just read my post and relized it has very little to do with the topic pretty much nothing to do with the i think i should go watch t.v. or
  14. Its getting to the point where i just wanna try things once you know?
    Maybe Molly a few more times hahahah
    but really im 17 years old ive done shroom e k opiates.
    Im smart as fuck when it comes to things i enjoy like stocks and shit.

    I think everyone just gets to that point where they dont know if they want to go any further with their drug experimentation
  15. You sir, have made my night.

    But yeah, moderation is key. Don't mix important things with hard drugs. Dont spend all you're time/energy on them and you will be fine. You're pretty much going to get a repeated answer on this i think.
  16. Before I smoked pot, I was apathetic, a procrastinator, and a minimalist. Now I am a happy apathetic procratinating minimalist.
    If you really think drugs are holding you back, stop. But I don't think they are.

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