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serious help needed quick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smoky14, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Ok to cut a long story short iv been curing some northern lights now for 4 months (saving for xmas) well I got a bud out tonyt hit a couple bongs and :smoking:became extremely baked. Well me bein baked I took a roughly 2-3gs of bud of the jar because I love lookin at my stash:hello: anyways the tv was on and I was destracted by it when I was putting the buds back in the jar. Then I lifted my glass of club lemon for a drink and see all my weed floating at the top:( (jar was beside my drink) is their anyway to salvage my pressure chronic? Don't want it bein hash and nasty tasting
  2. Well just put it out and let it dry. Potency will drop drastically so now you have schwaggy mids at best. Make some hash with it or somethin.
  3. So pretty much my bud is ruined its not dank no more?:'(
  4. #4 Elijames21, Dec 25, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 27, 2012
    Don't be a faggot weed snob. Make a big pot brownie out of it to drown your sorrows.

    Name-calling is not tolerated here - WW
  5. no see... now what you have is "lemon haze"

    now you save it and eventually someones going to come along wanting some piff..and yah you send it on :)
  6. I would do an ISO wash or make try to make edibles out of it.
  7. Dry the weed out and smoke it.
    If there wasn't any oil or alcohol in the glass of club lemon it will not have effected it at all.
  8. So only 2-3 grams are ruined? Just throw that shit out you got the rest of your harvest to smoke

  9. I hope your right + rep:cool:
  10. Dry it out, see what happens, if not, make some hash or edibles
  11. Let it dry dude. Next step after that would be to smoke it right?
  12. Step 1: Dry it
    Step 2: Smoke it
  13. What bout the potentcy will that be effected in any way?

  14. You're a piece of shit. Don't pull that shit.
  15. Well was it? There's been time to dry it and smoke it. How was it?

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