Serious health question. bugging out

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    I have a bump on the back of my skull its kinda small and I saw some answers online that say it's common but I want some opinions. Not sure if I should be bugging really hard. I really hope this isn't a serious thing. on the right side of the back of my skull.

    gonna get this checked out first thing in morning, but want to know if i should be really nervous.


    it's almost 4:20 am, not gonna be able to go to sleep till hear someone's opinion
  2. 99.9% chance its normal. If not then I'm fucked too.
  3. health is seriously something that ruins my high's. I feel so paranoid lately about my body
  4. Ive got it too. Its a lil smaller then a marble and located right in the middle of the back of my head. Its been there for a year so you should have nothing to worry about also
  5. thanks for the advice. the body awareness from weed and lsd kind of suck, haha.

    guess i dont need to get this checked out?

    g'night blades

    *Im still a bit nervous cause i only noticed it kind of recently. probably will get it checked out to get some piece of mind.
  6. Hahahaha oh my god. My friend was bugging out one time after we blazed about the same thing. Like every 5 minutes "Man come touch this bump, you think its bad? I think its cancer. I have cancer."
  7. most people have this?

    I'm 20 and I never noticed it until this year that's why it was bugging me out and I was high as fuck last night off bong and firecrackers ;).
  8. rofl....

    that "bump" is where your spinal cord fits into the base of your skull....

    everyone has one....some are really small and some are really big.....
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    that's good to know. There have been family member's of mine from a long time ago that have gotten tumors so this kinda stuff is a paranoia of mine. glad to hear I'm ok though :)
  10. nobody can really diagnose you online.. I'd say better safe than sorry.. go to the doc!!
    I had a 4 day headache and my mother had to physically drive me to the emergency room to get me to do something about it. Turns out it's a month later and I still have it, and it may be serious, so.... like I said, better safe than sorry. you never know! our bodies are mysterious things. good luck!
  11. HAHA, I know exactly what you're talking about. I have that little circular bump on the back of my head, and for the longest time, I was scared shitless that I had some sort of cancer or something. Found out later that everybody has those damn things. :smoke:
  12. you came to a marijuana website to ask a bunch of stoners about a health issue

    i'll leave on that note
  13. Yeah,becouse Marijuana smokers dont know about health issues.:rolleyes:

    Everyone has one.Still better to be safe than sorry.
  14. i got a little bump on the base of my neck,,,,,,it's been there forever,,,,,

    sometimes i'll mash it and it shoots out nasty goo,,,,, that really stinks,,,,

    like a little cyst,,,,,,

    weird to hear that others have it,,,,,,,

    i thought it was a sign of my superior ,,,,,,being,,,,,,,,,,,,,status,,,,,:D
  15. was at my doctor today for a shot and asked him to check it out and like everyone said it's normal.

    defently a good feeling to know I'm healthy .

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