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SERIOUS ***** Eyes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Thr33 Ringz, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. NOTE: The title was supposed to say ch1nk eyes

    Waddup all you stoners.

    I've got hereditaty bags under my eyes, not super bad due to drinking tons of water and eating healthy, but when I blaze it gets really bad.

    My eyes turn "as red as the devils dick", I get super *****y, and the bags under my eyes get puffier.

    Now I'm not sayin I look like I have an allergic reaction, but just look really baked.

    Kind of impedes me from blazing at school, or when I have to meet with parents/other adults I wouldn't want to be stoned around.

    Eye drops help a little, but regular ones seem to just dull the redness.

    Any advice for someone who can't always rock sunglasses:cool:?

    Get lifted.
  2. Go to your nearest Walgreens or Wal-Mart and buy Rhoto V's.

    That shit makes your eyes white as snow.

    As far as the bags under your eyes...i dont know but you better ask the Hardly Boys.
  3. what are you smoking on to cause some much couchlock? mids perhaps.
    You smoke some straight Sativa and that will be the last thing on your mind. My eyes only get like what your describing after smoking something indica dominant or a shit ton of Mids. How much do you smoke before your eyes start turing red?
  4. I have the same problem and my eyes arent small like some of my friends, so im a dead give away. I just avoid all social situations with sober people when i get high.But yeah the only solution ive found is the eye drops:confused:
  5. i have the same problem, even if i smoke just a little bit its always pretty obvious cuz my eyelids are naturally pretty heavy anyway (before i smoked weed everyone at school thought i was baked like all day every day no matter what i told them)

    my cousin used this garnier eye roller thing, i havent gotetn a chance to buy it yet but i used it once and it made the puffiness go down some. it has like caffine and stuff in it to wake your eyes up (i guess) it feels really cool and nice when you put it on.
    i guess its a little girly but if you have a problem i think it could definitely help :)


    eyedrops also help open up those little chino eyes, part of the reason they get little is cuz theyre dry
  6. I'm over here in the 206, and all the stuff I buy is pretty high grade. I don't really know much about if it's Sativa or Indica, but it's always just dank ass bud. I need to learn about this so I can give more info...

    My eyes go red pretty much right after I start smokin. The redness isn't really the problem, more just really heavy lids.

    MOBYDICK and chulacabra, thanks for the suggestions.

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