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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Blueridge23, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Listen im here to ask sincere advice on a troubling matter i have just been advised of..
    Ok, so my partner comes to see me this evening telling me that there are a few making plans to steal all our hard work
    Including family..
    Now as always been our way.... starting the 3rd week in August ive already made plans to camp for 35 days to ensure our stuff is secure and not screwed with. We have always done it this way ..with no trouble so to speak of .... Until now.......
    They have said stuff like dressing up like DEA OFFICERS . LAW ENFORCEMENT / GAME WARDEN OUTFITS.. and it was over heard from one that ill be so afraid ill run away and abandon our shit.. So if anyone has anything they care to say regarding this new fucked up situation. Please say something. Very concerned shits gonna get outta hand
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  2. I wish you the best of luck. It seems this has been a plan for awhile and the people have gathered enough balls to try and make a move. You said family, its unfortunate because I have had countless experiences with family being the main reason things end up fucked up. Greed, envy, hopelessness, and twisted thoughts lead people to do things they wouldn't normally participate in. If you know for a fact it cant be solved via communication and they will actually make a move and it's not just power chatter then I advise you to be cautious with your next moves. How willing are you to risk your life for the garden? If its planned and what would be my assumption is they will have more than sticks and stones to try and rob with you, so obviously you will need to setup a area that has clear signs that say someone will get shot if they come on your property and I highly advise you to invest in protection in the form of firepower ( if it's legal in your area and you fit the proper criteria ) or find a small fee security person with a gun license who can do shifts on your property. It's a shame people would rather take someone else's hard work and not learn how to do it themselves. Again best of luck‼
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  3. wtf is a man to do? I have killed myself this year
    Working to ensure a massive a whole entire acre size...i have dogs and they will. Be my security system alarm for the perimeter...
    4 Big Male year im investing in a breed known as a Cane Corso 185 lbs of pure hell....trying to plan my next move but like it was pointed out...folks don't come to rob with sticks and you can't fight a conventional war.....fuck my life how did shit come to this
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  4. Don’t litter the forum with illegal bull sh*t. Go play games on your own time and leave this site alone.

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  5. Send me a pic of your property from Google maps and I'll see what I can do, Nah joking. If its a very illegal crop your growing these people could end you. I hope you make it to harvest but what about the next season.
  6. You could start by not telling people you're growing... Even if it's legal lol

    Why would u even tell anyone but ur wife/partner lol
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  7. You know how it came to this, it was your big mouth. Did you give tours? And your partner can't be trusted, there's a reason the rippers felt comfortable telling him about their plans, they think he's on their side and you think he's on your side.
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  8. I'm not sure what state you're from. In Michigan, if someone gets hurts by something you did you will be held responsible. VOE. It doesn't matter if they're stealing from you or not.
    As OP suggested loose lips sinks ships.
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  9. In the state of California the law is a little different... under the Castle Doctrine (CA Penal Code Section 198.5) it allows the homeowner the use of deadly force against any intruders who forces or breaks into their house unlawfully. A major aspect of this law is the CALCRIM will allow a jury to acquit someone of homicide based on the Castle doctrine... Basically you can legally shoot anyone who as any intent of breaking into your house to cause a theft or physically harm you.. For people who are saying he should keep his mouth shut.. yes I agree, as that's obviously the smartest thing, and im sure he has done that... but dont forget no matter how quiet you are about something this plant talks for itself in smells and the fact they can be over 7 feet tall as many of you know. Even with hiding, it can easily be spotted one time and your entire location is ruined all without saying a word to anyone. Know you laws and make sure you have protection, this plant is worth a lot more than tomatoes and broccoli. Always stay quiet even when the harvest is done..

    My final point for everyone thinking they are accident prone... everyone posts on a public weed forum. It's now 2020 where it takes 5 mins total to trace your IP address (as well as many things) and figure out where that picture or forum post was posted. People are poor and desperate... be careful thinking you cant be robbed real quick because people will be quick to change your mind. Its better to be 15 steps ahead so that never even has to happen. I hope everyone is safe and very aware of their surroundings. Take care and again to the OP good luck
  10. 'Working to ensure a massive a whole entire acre size'

    Bro , pretty hard to hide a grow and the odor off a acre grow lol thats almost the size of a football field !
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  11. Yeah a whole new definition to the Super Bowl but all jokes aside... no way your hiding all that! Hopefully your situation has been solved some‼

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