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series of questions

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by crisco, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. hey guys, i was thinking about starting growing and I have a few questions (sorry if they've been asked before, but I dont have time to search for all of them because my computer is bad and slow. so:
    1) I have heard people refer to some plants as "shwag" plants. I thouhgt that the nuggets were the buds and shwag was the unwanted parts: stems, seeds, etc. please tell me how the plant parts are categorized.

    2) How far away should the light be, and light time ratios to make the plant grow big and fast.

    3) this links into #1.. if a plant produces both nuggets and shwag, to get the seeds can I just buy some shwag? (The internet is too expensive).

    4) Is it possible/easy to grow if you live with your parents? How easy is it to hide a plant/please list some hiding places if it is.

    5) I will probably have more q's later and if I do, I will post them.... if i was rambling a bit, sorry... im pretty high right now.

  2. get a faster pc and your own place.
  3. some people cant afford faster computer mate....

    i suggest u do a outdoor grow instead of a indoor.. better to play it safe then putting yo parent on a risk..... remember underage kids dont get blame, but the parents do, and anyother over 18 years old... so if u got any lil brother cuasin, sisters under 18.. u should grow outdoor, and if u parent dont want u growing these exotic plants, then do it outdoor....

    now, about the slow computer thing, and search... looks like u a beginner, so in these forum theres stickys.. click on vatoloco sticky, and theres a lot of guides in there.. once u read them, read them aging... if u still comfuse on some parts, we would glady help u out mate....latezzz..

  4. flourecents, inches away....

    HPS, 12 inches, and depends on your room temp....

    shwag is just beat up bud mate.. it once look fluffy, but from all the transporting it lost quality..... then theres seeded bud... seeded bud aint that bad ethier, it set when is beat up when transported...

    u can get a shwag seeds, and get beuatifull buds of it.. as long as u do everything right. but some seeds are just got bad genetics...latezz..

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